My First Juried Exhibit and a Sneak Peak at my next doll


I submitted a couple of pieces to the Round Rock Arts Council’s November Photography and Sculpture show, not knowing what to think.  I didn’t hear back by the deadline, so didn’t think I had made it in.  I got a call today asking if I was still bringing my pieces by, so I am so very excited!  Doorway Into the Garden and Mercadriel were accepted for their show at the Texas State University’s Round Rock campus.  The opening reception is Friday night and I plan to go, likely with Mom.



I’ve been gradually cleaning up the house, having shipped all of the Stretching Art and Tradition 14 pieces back to their creators.  I decided to follow up on an idea I had to make a Christmas Angel out of my Modron, Goddess of Fall, pattern.  When I made her, it occurred to me that she would make a perfect Christmas Angel.  I started on her this last week.  Yesterday, when working on stuffing her fingers, I had a blow-out, and decided to stop for the day.  This evening, I sewed up another arm and while the Fray-check was setting, I started stuffing the other arm from yesterday and had another blow-out.  I haven’t had issues with fingers in years, but the arms for this doll are just not working well.  I was able to ladder stitch up the damage similar to darning socks.  Of course, I got that done and turned the fingers on the replacement arm, only to discover I had made a second left arm when what I needed was a right arm.  Arrrggg…  Never fails.  So, I set the arm aside and stuffed the second leg.  She now has both legs pinned on and I can show an in progress pic, although they are not exciting.




We have had alternating fall and early summer weather over the last week and Marley has decided his favorite place to sleep is the patio table.  We’ve had some high winds lately and during one of those, my patio furniture went flying along with some glass which broke all over my patio.  I managed to start the cleaning up process on that this weekend, but Marley still thinks the table is the best spot to sleep.


Speaking of Stretching Art and Tradition, SAT15 is now posted on the website:  If you are interested, you can join our yahoo group.

Stretching Art And Tradition 14: Foundations of <fill in the blank>

Tomorrow the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza opens up to the public.  Stretching Art and Tradition 14 will be one of the special exhibits.  If you are in the area, you should drop by and check it out!  If you aren’t in the area, you can see it in the virtual world by going to our website.  I finally got last year’s challenge posted as well!  This year’s exhibit is wonderful, which I know because I received the pieces to photograph them. 

If you are interested in joining a low key fiber arts challenge, we invite you to join us next year.  The theme for SAT15 will be announced by the end of the month on our yahoo group and all are welcome to join.

Stretching Art and Tradition 14 and New Etsy Listings!

I’ve spent the last month working on my piece for Stretching Art and Tradition 14:  Foundations of ___________.  It is now in PA along with the rest of the exhibit, which is spectacular!  I finally got my photos edited, along with the rest of SAT14 and SAT13 (Games Children Play), this evening, so I’m posting my finished pieces.


This is my piece, Doorway Into the Garden, which is another 3-dimensional quilt.  This is the front view, although it’s actually the Garden part of the piece.  I really wanted to create a tree but didn’t leave myself enough time to figure it out.  Maybe next year.


The arch was constructed on a foam core armature which is filled with foam packing peanuts.  I machine quilted 3 different “stone” colored fabrics onto muslin and battling, then cut them to make the bricks.  I machine stitched them to the wool foundation pieces and then pieced the wool together in a weird mix of puzzle piecing and garment construction techniques.


I used up the last of my green leaf trim from Treasures of the Gypsy, taking most of a Saturday to bead it on and bead the flower sequins on.


The shrub is my hand-dyed rayon ribbon beaded to a pear shaped pillow of green hand-dyed cotton. 


The rose bush is constructed the same way as the shrub, with different hand-dyed ribbon and paper roses I got a Michael’s last year.  The monkey grass is two different colors of hand-dyed cotton sewed down the middle and fringed.


The foundation is my green hand-dyed cotton overlayed with commercial rock fabric.  All of that was sandwiched onto 2 layers of batting and I spent 3 hours machine quilting all of the rocks to make the cobblestone walk.  I seed-stitched the green in 3 different colors of perle cotton and then stitched the arch to the foundation.  After beading on the “rocks”, I put my botton on which is two layers of Peltex fused to more green hand-dyed cotton and then I stitched the binding on.  The last thing I did was stitch on the rose bush and the shrub.  Whew!  A Lot of work, but it looks incredible.  It’s 25” tall, by 26” wide at the base, and 12” deep.

Speaking of hand-dyed cotton, I cleaned some of my pieces out of my collection and have listed them in my Etsy shop.  I put in a bunch of fall colors I dyed late last year of Kona cotton.  I also listed more velvets and all of the extra Rayon Satin I had left over from my table at All Dolls are Art 2012.




These are lovely fall colors and all of these pieces have been pre-washed and ironed.  The cottons come in 1 yard pieces.  The satin comes in 1/2 yd pieces.  There is a limited quantity and what is in the shop is all I have.

Bottle Imp Fun!

I spent the first part of my evening speaking with Lisa Renner for her All Dolls Are Art 2012 interview, which will be posted here Saturday evening, December 3rd.  Since Lisa was one of the faculty members of the first ADAA last year, I switched up the interview a bit to cover new ground.  Lisa is such a warm and giving person, and a fantastic teacher!  She’s so much fun to talk to and we spent quite a while on the phone.  I know that you are going to love seeing what she has to say!  In the mean time – you can look back at her interview from last year here.

After I got off the phone with Lisa, I headed to my ironing board to start working on the bottle imp page.  As I mentioned, the base fabric was fabric I dyed a long time ago.  I had played with bleaching this peice using washers and jar lids which is how the awesome rings showed up and it gave me an idea.  I started out by punching circles out of paper-backed, fusible web in 3 different sizes.  I arranged those on the page with the bottle and the sign – which is now doubling as the imp’s table.  I fused everything down, then pulled out more of the foil and worked with 2 different blues, a silver and a holographic piece to cover the fused circles.  I liked how that looked, but wanted a bit more depth and thought of using the embossing folders I have been acquiring lately (but haven’t played much with) as texture plates to use with Shiva paint sticks.  I started out with a tree-ring style embossing folder (all of these are Tim Holtz folders) and a barn red paint stick.  On a roll, I grabbed a copper paint stick and a gear folder and did some more rubbing.  This was looking really cool, so I went over it one more time with a peach, irridescent stick and a watch folder… and I really really like this!  I need to figure out what I can use to add some more texture to Electric Girl’s page.

Here’s the before picture from last night:


And after all of the surface design:


Here’s the close up:


The bottle imp, like Electric Girl, needs darker color and better definition, but that’s easy enough to fix.

Tomorrow, I’ll have my interview with Fran Parrigan-Meehan posted here.

Taking a Break from Modron for a Circus Sideshow

I am working on the fabric book page for Annie’s book, Bless the Freak, a Circus Sideshow of Freaks, Oddities and Curiosities.  I am doing Electric Girl and the Bottle Imp for my two pages.  I got most of the fusing done on Electric Girl this evening.  Tomorrow, after I conduct my interview with Lisa Renner, I’ll work on fusing the Bottle Imp.  Then, it will be on to trim, beads, and more fun.


This is Electric Girl.  I have to darken up the drawing of her, because it’s very pale, but that can be easily fixed, now that I have her on her page.  I used fusible web to fuse the foil down, which, while time consuming, was loads of fun!


Here’s a close up picture that is a bit better.


And this is the preliminary stuff on the bottle imp.  This is a piece of hand-dyed fabric that I subsequently bleached the rings into from a L-O-N-G time ago.  I am going to use more foil to make bubbles I think and I have to give the Imp a table for his bottle to sit on.  I also have a little glass bottle I’m going to attach.