From Winter to Spring in 3 Weeks


It is the time of year in Central Texas where we look to come out of burrows into the garden.  The days are noticeable longer and the last of the leaves have dropped from the trees.  In my yard, the harbinger of spring is the Bradford Pear tree.  It seems to be budding out before it loses all of its leaves, but I know spring is here when the blossoms start to open.  Next are my bulbs.  Winter may still take a swipe or two at us, but the plants and birds know.  Spring has arrived.

My tree on February 1st, looking west.


My tree on February 7th, same view.


My tree on February 14th, same view.


I have spent my creative free time working on several things, many of which involved printing with my #GelliPlate.  I’ve made a lot of cool backgrounds that I’ve scanned and am using in other pieces of art.  These were all made with TCW Stencils using Golden acrylics and Master’s Touch acrylics.




One of the things I’ve used them for is my paper doll that I designed for the All Dolls Are Art Winter Swap.  My paper doll is a circus performer – I can only post a sneak peek now though as I don’t want to unveil her before the swap deadline at the end of the month.  If you would like to play – you can check out the guidelines on the ADAA blog or Facebook page.


A second thing I used my prints for is my Valentine’s card for my mom.  I don’t generally celebrate Valentines, but I did send out a few cards this year and wanted to make my mom a card as she always makes me the nicest of cards.  This card has a gelli printed background, gelli printed scrapbook paper adhered to grungeboard for the heart (a Tim Holtz die) and Gelli printed deli paper for the intermediate layer.  The stamp is my hand-carved “Love” stamp.


Last – I made a gift for my friend Annie – which I will show later in the week, after she’s received it!

And of course, I have my #StudioCats er kittens keeping me company.  They are so big that they really don’t qualify as kittens anymore, but they still have all the energy and wonder of kittens.


Cookie – curled up in a basket below my printing table


Calla giving Cookie a bath in my studio chair.

All Dolls are Art 2014

If you are interested in learning sculpture, want to learn more about how artists approach their designs, or just want an interesting read – the ADAA 2014 faculty profiles are getting posted to the all new All Dolls are Art Blog!

Jean Bernard, of the famous Jean and Sherry team, is teaching 2 classes:  Bobble Head Barbie Pulled Herself Together Ontime and Fantasy Chair.


Clarissa Callesen is teaching 3 classes:  Wishkeeper, Steampunk Sally, and Bohemian Gypsy.


Sherry Goshon, the other half of the Jean and Sherry team, is teaching 3 classes:  What’s to a Head, The Illusion of Costuming, and Fun with Wire, Paper, and Cloth.


Angela Jarecki is teaching 2 classes:  About Face, How to Draw Faces, and Titania.


Ellen Kelsey is teaching her Fabulous Fish class.


Myriam Powell is teach a Luna.

Work In Progress & Final Dolls

Books as Sculpture

I had an errand downtown on Saturday mid-afternoon and decided to drop into Gallery Shoal Creek in the Flatbed Press building to see an exhibit that was profiled in the Austin American Statesman of work by Tony Saladino and Karen Hawkins.  I didn’t do much in the way of art this past week, so this was my chance to immerse myself in art.

Karen Hawkins work is derived from books.  It is definitely sculpture and is fantastic to see installed.  I could have spent the day amongst her pillars if I hadn’t had my appointment to get to.  I asked and received permission to photograph her work.  Thanks to Gallery Shoal Creek and Karen Hawkins for this fantastic exhibit!


From Karen’s statement on the Gallery’s postcard:

“Karen Hawkins’ work explores “the book,” a rapidly declining composition, and how, or whether, it remains purposeful in a digital age.”

As an ardent reader, collector of books, art journaler and intermittent book binder, I generally do not subscribe to cutting up books, even though I went through a phase where I altered books.  I can honestly say this is a tremendously moving exhibit.




Karen uses dictionaries, sheet music books and black and white picture books, from what I could see, to construct her sculptured, hanging pillars. In addition to the pillars, there were several small pillars sitting on tables in the gallery.  There were two wall pieces, one of which was incredibly striking.


This was the view as you came into the Gallery proper with the pillars just behind this wall.


I highly recommend visiting the gallery to see this exhibit and the many others which I didn’t photograph in the galleries in the Flatbed Press building.

This exhibit runs through June 14th.  The Gallery’s hours are Tuesday through Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3.

Treasures of The Gypsy Challenge 2013

If The Shoe Fits, copyright 2013, AnLiNa Designs

The challenge theme this year was Masquerade Ball, and I loved it!  If you get to Houston, you’ll see this piece as part of the Celebration of the Doll exhibit.  If not, I’ll post more pictures here over the next week.



She’s showing off her fabulous shoes.  This piece was inspired by a co-worker who always has fantastic footwear.



The challenge fabric was the iridescent rose piece and the lavender sheer that is her petticoat.


I made the mask using instructions from fellow TAODA and CTADS member, Theresa May.


She had to have opera gloves.  I’m really happy with the way she turned out, even if she did venture a bit farther from my vision than I intended.

Busy, Busy, Busy, But Creative

In short bursts, I’ve managed to eke out some creative work in the time since I last posted.  I have completed a doll for the Stretching Art and Tradition challenge, almost finished a Catrina from my Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors Retreat, and started on my Houston Dolls.  Plus I finally got the Kerfluffle entry done in the Words Art Journal Round Robin.  So – lots of pictures this post!

First – She Wears Many Hats


For the complete details on this piece, visit Stretching Art and Tradition 15: Hi! It’s Me!.


Next, my Catrina – in polymer clay!  I never work in polymer clay because I can never figure it out!  Major props to Yoanna B who developed and lead this project in the CTADS retreat, because I actually managed to sculpt something in polymer clay!  Her costume isn’t done yet.




And last, but certainly not least – the Words Journal Round Robin.  First, the work by this journal’s creator, Donna.




Next – the first word “Imagine”, artist unknown because she didn’t sign her work.



Next:  Peggy W with Believe



Next – Debbie G with “Moon”



And the moon opens up to reveal this:


Next Suzanne, from MT, with “Wings”


I love seeing what Suzanne comes up with, as she always has something interactive to play with!



Now, for my entry: Kerfluffle.  This word gave me quite a bit of trouble.  After much thinking about it (I’m only 3 months late mailing), I arrived at this:




I first drew the large Kerfluffle letters on the page in pencil.  Then I started lettering with Fine, Extra Small, and Brush Pitt Pens around the page.  The goal was to create a blanket of letters in different styles and hands, without actually doing calligraphy.  I will be mailing it off to Mary Monday!