Valentines and Flowers


I had an internet conversation with a fellow Texas Tech graduate last weekend while watching a basket ball game.  At some point the conversation veered towards food and I decided I would bake cupcakes.  I had bananas ready to go into banana bread, but what fun is banana bread heading into Valentine’s Day?  So, I decided to make cupcakes with the bananas. 

The result, after I tinted the cream cheese frosting with red food coloring, was sort of heart shaped cupcakes, which accompanied me to work Monday.  My co-workers are often the beneficiaries of my baking.  They are most appreciative and the upside is that I get to bake without having to eat much of what I produce.


February is the month in which we get to experience three seasons, sometimes in one day here in central Texas.  We get warm days at 85 degrees, followed by cool days in the 50’s or 60’s.  It confuses the plants, especially if we are above 70 for 4 days running as we were last week.  This is happening more, it seems, and I end up doing my spring cleaning in the yard sooner each year.  I got all of my pruning done weekend before last and last weekend got my front flower beds composted.  I planted a few new plants and bought a few more which are still awaiting homes.  The plants I pruned are budding out and I have an enterprising daisy that is covered in blooms. 

All of this leads me to think of flowers.  I’ve been buying myself flowers at the grocer store each week and they are starting to get Star Gazer lilies in which I love so much!  This weekend, I got my fabric club in from Treasures of the Gypsy and what a surprise!  It’s spring flowers!  I have the body and head of the doll I intended to make an angel from.  Now, I think she’s going to be the flower fairy and here’s the start of the collection of fabric and trims for her wardrobe!


The next All Dolls Are Art Newsletter comes out tomorrow morning.  You can still sign up to receive it by visiting the website and signing up for the mailing list.  This month, I have a survey on doll making and an article written by Michele Lynch, one of our ADAA faculty.  If you have ever wondered about quitting your day job for your artistic journey, you’ll enjoy Michele’s thoughts on the topic.

There is still plenty of space in all of our classes for ADAA 2013.  I hope that you’ll consider joining me and sharing your creative journey!

A Beautiful Fall Day, A Review or Two and Coming Soon!


We had hopes of a cooler and wetter than normal winter, but, unfortunately, those hopes have evaporated (pun intended).  We will be warmer and drier.  My daisies are certainly confused, blooming this late is very unusual for them.  I wonder if they were inspired by the metal daisy I purchased at EAST the weekend before Thanksgiving which I planted in my front flower bed where I can see it in the morning coming out my door. 

EAST was much less busy than I expected on its final weekend, mostly due to the “doom and gloom” traffic forecast for Austin’s first Formula 1 race.  The traffic was as close to non-existent as you can get in Austin, but most of the locals were scared away.  I found a few new galleries and generally had fun.  I spent the rest of my weekend and the first 3 days of my vacation scrubbing my house and trying to catch the mouse which Marley brought in and let go.  Grrrrr, I am a very unhappy camper with the mouse, but my house is MUCH cleaner than before.


I bought Melanie Testa’s newest book, "Dreaming From the Journal Page", yesterday and read it cover to cover this evening.  It’s luscious and filled with beautiful pages from Melanie’s journals and her quilts.  She provides clear instructions and just enough prompting that you will want to find your journal and your art supplies again, not to mention quick instructions for dyeing fabric and soy wax resists!  I highly recommend adding it to your art journaling library.

I have some odds and ends in the news department.  Artist Interviews of our ADAA 2013 faculty will be coming in the next few weeks.  We have a fantastic line-up and I can’t wait to introduce the artists in more detail!  All Dolls Are Art has a newsletter.  You can sign up on the ADAA website.  The first issue went out the week of Thanksgiving.  The second issue should be out by middle of December.

Speaking of newsletters, I’m going to start another Newsletter covering a gamut of topics in the areas of art media that I focus on.  It’s still in the early stages, but if you would like to sign up, you can do so Subscribe to our newsletter’ target=_blank>here.  If there is specific topics, you would be interested in, let me know.  I’m still working out the details, but have some ideas gelling right now.

I’ve also joined the world of Twitter.  You can follow me by going to my “About page” and clicking on the “follow @AnLiNaDesigns” link.  I’m slowly finding my way there!