2010 Resolutions Give Away

I used Random.Org to pull a number out of the hat.
Congratulations to Mary Anne! You are the winner of the give away. Thanks to everyone for playing and I’ll get another fabric pack put together to give away before the end of the month – so check back.

2010 Resolutions and a Give Away

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I know that it’s traditional to make resolutions on New Year’s, but I normally make a list of goals, rather than resolutions, and I do it on my birthday.  Since my birthday is the 27th of December, it’s close enough to count, but is part of my yearly ritual of looking back over the previous year’s list of goals and accomplishments and creating the next year’s goals.

Last year, I set a goal to create a doll a month, for 12 total dolls.  I didn’t get there, only completing 7 unless you count the 8 flat angels and the softy I made my niece.  I don’t count those, cause my goal was 12 soft-sculptured pieces.  So, I am setting the goal for this year to do one a month.  Another of this year’s goals is to try to regularly attend an art play day.  The last goal I’m going to publish here is to create 1 art page per month in my journal.  I really slacked this last year with my journal, so I’m going to try to get in more quality time with it.

So, what is one of your creative goals this year?  Leave me a comment by Wednesday, January 6, 2010, and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for a mystery fabric pack.  I discovered it when I was cleaning my studio – apparently left over from the Virtual Open Studio’s give aways.  I have no idea what’s in it, other than that it’s 8 oz of fabric.

A New Spare Part for the Doll Morgue

I got all of the Give Aways mailed except for Jackie’s as she never got in touch with me with her address.  I’m going to get another random number and give it to one of the other commenters, so look for an email from me tomorrow for your address. 

This evening’s task was to make legs for Khamse’en.  I started by measuring the body to get the dimensions for the leg and foot.  Then I drafted the pattern by sort of combining what I did for Venus and the FP.  I cut out my templates, traced them, sewed up the leg, pressed the seams at the foot open, pinked and sewed the foot.

I turned the leg and had to make an adjustment on the little toe area, so I turned it back and took off a bit there.  Then I turned it again.  I made my leg armature (I’m getting very proficient at wrapping wire), inserted it in the leg and started stuffing.  It’s a bit tedious, the stuffing part.  You have to work with small bits of stuffing and work around the wire equally.  Otherwise you end up with the wire showing, which is undesirable, and you have to be careful with the small bits of stuffing to make sure you don’t get cellulite.  I’m finding that with the fabric I’m using for Khamse’en’s body that it really shows lumps.  The dyed texture exacerbates any uneven stuffing.  So, slow going.  I got the leg stuffed to the knee and found that the foot was not perpendicular to the calf.  It is off by enough of an angle that I have to modify the pattern.  There’s no way to modify the leg that’s already made – so I have another spare part for the morgue.  I went ahead and finished (mostly) stuffing the leg to see if there were any other problem areas.  I drafted a new pattern – then my brain caught up and I started marking on the stuffed leg the areas I don’t like so much….  And, a body part critique process now exists in my world.  Below you can see the leg, plus the two patterns.  The next picture is the marked up leg.  I’m going to draft another pattern tomorrow.  I may also make some lower legs and feet so I can refine the transition through the ankle.



SS Give Aways 9-12

Congratulations to Melissa, Jackie, Tami and Cynthia – the winners of the fabric give aways.  Please send me your snail mail addresses so I can get these in the mail.


Thanks for playing – and check back – more fabric give aways will be posted over the next month as I continue to clean out my fabric stash.