East Austin Studio Tour and All Dolls Are Art Newsletter #1

Hey all!  This is the last weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour (otherwise known as EAST) and I spent a bit of time perusing studios and art yesterday.  I’m going back for more today but wanted to post on some of what I saw.

The first stop on my list was Stop #21:  Ross De La Garza of Primordial Persuasions.  He is a raku ceramicist and does the BEST fish!  I fell in love and as soon as the back patio gets done, I’ll be going back to get some to grace the new outdoor space.  Ross kindly let me take a picture of his exhibit space.


If you would like to see Ross’s work, EAST is open again today.  His next appearance will be at Wimberly Market Days on December 1st.  His website is www.phishross.com.

My next stop was at 5305 Bolm Road, the home of Big Medium, the organizers of EAST. I also stopped in and saw Stephanie Rubiano.  She was sharing studio space with a few other encaustic artists, including Rothko Hauschildt.  I monopolized both of them for a good 15 minutes.  The space they are in, inside #7 and #8, is really eye catching with all of their work on the walls.  I may go back today and ask if I can take a picture to post here so you can see!  I loved all of the work on the walls in the space.  Some of the other studios, not so much.  There was a very weird, but cool, ceramic sculpture that I have seen here before.  I am really taken by his stuff, but not sure I would want to own it.  I just love looking at it!  You can see some of it on his website and more at Big Medium or Eye of the Dog.

Last but not least!  Today is the launch of the All Dolls Are Art Newsletter!  The ADAA newsletter will come out every 3-4 weeks with Teacher and artist profiles and ADAA news.  If you would like to subscribe, you can do so at ADAA online or you can sign up here

Doll Marathon!

I have been working on dolls and more dolls, with intermittent breaks for Christmas shopping and meals with my mother.  I finished up the monkey on Sunday evening, started on a doll for my niece yesterday afternoon and finished it up this morning.  I started on the doll for my nephew this afternoon.  I do believe that is the most dolls I’ve worked on in a 3-day period ever!

So – here’s Mr. Hurdy Gurdy Monkey.



Isn’t he a cutey?

Now for my absolute favorite.  I was going to make an elinor peace bailey pattern that I bought in Houston, but I couldn’t find it, even after 2 hours of cleaning up my sewing room yesterday.  So, I sat down and concocted this doll.  I got most of her done yesterday evening.  This morning I had to give her hair, an underskirt, her bows and her hat.  When I got her hat on, I couldn’t stop laughing.  She’s such a FUN doll!  Her name is Kate’s Party Doll!  After some minor adjustments, this doll will be a pattern!  It’s such an easy doll to construct and so much fun!





And last, but not finished, I’ve started on a doll for my nephew.  Based on the success of Kate’s Party Doll, I’m employing simple construction methods for this one.  I’m going to leave the details and theme of this doll a secret for now, until he’s more finished.  The nice thing though, is this doll is standing on his own two feet, sans an armature.  I’m pleased I made that work! 


Thanksgiving and Black Friday Boycott

I spent part of yesterday with my parents and my youngest brother, eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal and enjoying the company of my family.  I managed to love on all the family cats, including the shy ones.  My two were sacked out, Marigold on the bed where she’s been spending lots of time since the arrival of Marley, who was laying in bliss on the rug that he’s turned into his personal catnip patch. 



My parents’ cats, were much more energetic, having had the smell of turkey pervading the house for 4 hours by the time I arrived.  I kept attempting to get pictures and mostly missed them, except for this one episode with Daisy patting my brother Andrew’s hand at the dining room table.


After I left, I came home and worked on Modron.  I worked on her face, but wasn’t quite happy with it, so set it aside on the pile of fabric in the collection for her clothing and proceeded to work on her first layer of clothes.


She tried on an under bodice and skirt, but the skirt wasn’t working, so I set it down for the evening and read a book.  Not the most productive of days.

Not being a person who likes or tolerates crowds, I don’t see the point of black Friday.  I spent an hour redoing Modron’s skirt and working out the pattern for her over-bodice, then I went to the post office to get my mail and took my camera.  I have been meaning to stop all week at the park between my bank and the post office, next to Brushy Creek.  The light has been so fantastic that I wanted to take pictures, but kept forgetting the camera.  Not today!


It’s a really nice park, with what appears to be a half-mile or so trail that goes along Brushy Creek on both sides of the Interstate.


This is the view back west, up Brushy Creek, from across Chisholm Trail.  Chisholm Trail is named for the Chisholm Trail, which runs right through this spot.  This was a lot water crossing that the cattle drives from South Texas used to cross Brushy Creek on their way to Kansas.


Looking back east, you can still see the wagon ruts in the limestone bed of the creek.


Because of the drought, the creek is pretty low and these ruts are exposed and full of leaves.


And this is the round rock for which Round Rock is named.  This rock marked the low water crossing and the post office was sited here as settlement built up along Brushy Creek.  The settlement was originally known as Brushy Bend, but the name changed to Round Rock with the founding of the post office.


A bit upstream there is a small dam and waterfall.  A great blue heron was wading above the falls and I kept stalking him upstream, hoping for a shot, but no such luck.  The best I got was a partial shot of him winging away upstream.


There were several trees with really cool bark.  I had to take several pictures of this one, though, because you can actually see layers in the knobs of bark.  I had a very enjoyable hour walking around with my camera, enjoying the sunshine, moderate temperatures and the views.  Then I headed back home – yes, home – to eat lunch and spend the rest of my day working on Modron.

I got her over bodice done and the sleeves constructed and attached.  Modron is the Goddess of Fall (3rd in my Seasons of Goddesses) series, but I can easily see how I could modify her to make her a superb angel…. so that’s going on my list of dolls to work on (ever expanding!).


Here’s her wrap around over-bodice.


And her sleeve.  It’s lined with this cool, burnt-out velvet I got in one of the Gypsy’s fabric club packs.  In fact, all of this fabric so far is from fabric clubs from this fall.

As I worked on her clothing today, I figured out what her face needed.  The bluish green eye-shadow had to go.  And once I figured that out, I figured out she needed greenish eyes instead of brown.


Isn’t this much better!


Here she is, as she looks this evening.  I took a bunch of fabric out of her skirt.  It was too full before.  Now it’s perfect.


I spent the bulk of the evening beading the trip onto her skirt.


I’ve managed to go all the way round (all 20”) beading the sequins of the trip down on the top and just have to do the bottom.  Modron, in case I haven’t mentioned it, is also going to be my CTADS doll in a year piece.  Our theme this year is “Monochromatic”.  Obviously, she’s not taking me a year, having only been started in the last week.  I have to have her done by the unveiling on December 10, but should be done with her before I go back to work on Monday.

So, that’s how you boycott Black Friday – you spend some time outdoors in a park and the rest of it in your studio!  The day flies by, you accomplish a ton, refill the well a bit, and, best of all, don’t spend any money!

Harold the First is Finished!


And is winging her way to Houston as I type this.  I finished her up yesterday early afternoon and got the stand made.  I then did a bit of clean-up on her, signed her and set her up for photographs.  She was boxed up and dropped by UPS this morning and should be at her new home tomorrow. 



I spent yesterday evening updating the All Dolls Are Art site.  The Treasures of the Gypsy challenge pictures and the Celebration of the Doll pictures are now posted here.

This evening, I got back to organizing my sewing room.  I’ve been using vintage spools to wrap my ribbons and trims.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow night, cause it looks pretty cool!  I’m also going to start on Harold the Second tomorrow and may even start on Harold the Third and work on them in parallel.

I also need to get MT’s fabric book page done and start on the CoolAb project.  Oh – did I forget to mention that I get to play hooky from work the next 4 days?  Using up vacation to play in my studio and eat great food and hang out with my family and sleep late are the highlights of what I have planned!

At Long Last – Three Dolls Done

doll toes

I finally got the dolls finished and off to Houston Friday.  They should have arrived by now.  I didn’t actually get to do everything I wanted to, but I had to stop so I could ship them.

I went Saturday to one of my doll club members’ houses for a lace dyeing day.  When I got home, I commenced the post-project shovelling out of my studio.  It seems like I do that way too frequently.  In addition to working on the studio, I started cleaning out the room previously known as the guest bedroom (before I got rid of the bed).  It’s going to take me a while to clean it out, but I have to get it done before I head to Houston so I can unload the bank of mailboxes I got on the trip to NM from the back of my vehicle.

I also pulled out the two round robin projects and started eyeballing them for ideas.  I have an idea for the CoolAberration project, but it doesn’t fit in, exactly, with the theme for the doll, so I’m letting it sit a few more days.  The fabric book that I have to work on next is MT’s Peacock or Gypsy book.  I have some stuff collected for that, but nothing idea-wise yet.  So, that’s sitting there where I can see it.

The other thing I’m working on is my secret project.  It will be unveiled 2 weeks from today.  I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to tell everyone what I’m working on.

Now for the doll pictures.  The elephant’s name is Etalina and her Gypsy is Zelava.


Etalina’s beaded head-dress.


Her beaded flowers.


Her beaded feet.


Zelava’s face.


Zelava finished – and the picture at the top is a close up of her feet.

Now for Khamse’en’s pictures.  Khamse’en is my 5th doll in the Named Winds series.


Here’s her face and head/hat finished.  I took the beaded wig off because it made her look too much like a chipmunk.  I also darkened her eye makeup.


Here she is from the top.  She has an Isis pendant on her necklace and the crook and flail.  When I get her back, I’m going to add a beaded attachment to the flail.


Here are her shoes finished.  I used turquoise leather dye on the straps and painted the soles black, then covered that with gold.  Wouldn’t you like a pair of these?


And here she is in all her glory.  The picture is fuzzy and the color is off – that will get corrected when she comes home.