Fabric Paper and a Leotard

I planned to get an early start today so I could work on fabric paper, which I’ve wanted to try since I watched Beryl Taylor’s DVD on the technique.  I did get an early start, but not on art stuff.  I kept thinking of things I needed to do, so I started a list.  I managed to get my errands run (the grocery store, gas in my car, the pet supply store for the 3rd time in three days, and a Spanish/English dictionary for my trip to Oaxaca) by 1pm.

After the errands, I got in the studio and decided to pick up the fabric, because I’m only working on Khamse’en right now, so her fabric is the only fabric I need down.  Then I decided I would do the fabric paper in the studio so I picked up my sewing machine and all of the stuff on that side of my desk so I could clear a spot for fabric paper.

I was talking to Mom as I was digging through my paper drawers looking for paper to use when she mentioned scrapbook paper as  possible option for the fabric paper.  Ah ha!  I pulled out my paper suitcases and dug through the scrapbook paper in them and pulled out a 3″ pile of 12″x12″ paper.  I spent the next hour cutting it down to 4″x6″ or smaller pieces, then cut my muslin and cut a plastic drop cloth down to separate the pieces of fabric.  At last, around 4pm I was ready to work on the project of the day.

I got the first round done on 6 pieces of fabric paper.  The first round consists of watered down PVA on the muslin, followed by pieces of paper, then another layer of watered down PVA, a layer of tissue paper, then a layer of fluid acrylics.  I set these out on the yard to dry, but they kept blowing over, so I brought them in, where they are taking much longer to dry.


I ate dinner and watched the video again to see if I was doing it right, then I took the paper and the video over to Mom’s to give her the DVD and show her my paper.  Back at the house I started drafting the pattern for a leotard for Khamse’en.  I ended up using the variegated, sequined and embroidered fabric and fussy cutting the pieces so the transition between turquoise and purple happens just above her waist.  I got it sewn together and discovered that I couldn’t get it over her head with the both side seams sewn so I ripped one of them out.  I still have to hand-stitch the side seam, the crotch and the arm, leg, and neck hems, but you can get the idea of how it will look.  She’s pretty thrilled with her snazzy attire.  The deep V neckline shows enough of her cleavage that she is recognizably Egyptian, but it’s not so blatant that I would be worried about showing her in conservative Texas.




4 thoughts on “Fabric Paper and a Leotard

  1. The collar and leotard were great images and THEN I scrolled down and saw the skirt with it! Ooh. You don’t know that blue and purple are my absolute fave colours, so I’m in total like with her outfit!

  2. darn…got so excited about the outfit, I forgot to mention how much I like the paper fabric too (esp. the piece on the bottom right).

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