A Little of This, a Little of That, a Lot of Gardening


Since my last post, I’ve been busy with my spring gardening.  We have a very short Spring season here in CenTX, which means we have to take advantage of what time we get.  I lost a lot of my back yard grass to the drought last year, and had a crop of weeds spring up after the winter rain.  I’ve been meaning to convert more of my back yard to xeriscaping as I did with my front yard and this seemed like the perfect time.

I don’t have before pictures, which is good because it was pretty awful.  I spent Easter weekend scalping the weeds, attempting to till the hard-packed clay, hauling a cubic yard of compost, and planting plants.  Last weekend, I mulched all of my flower beds in the front and back (4 cubic yards of mulch), planted a few more plants, prepared my garden and planted seeds for my summer vegetables.

Journal Page - Zentangle

I’ve been working on Khamse’en a bit, but don’t have any progress pictures yet.  I’ve put her down for the moment so I can get started on my fabric book for Gypsy’s round robin.  I have the front cover design mostly fleshed out and am working through how I’m going to construct it.  I’m leaning towards dye-painting it, but want depth and dimension and need to figure out how I’ll achieve that before I start painting.  Here’s a picture of the sketch from my journal with the color roughed in.  It’s loosely based on a star map from the Harmonium Macrocosmica book I mentioned previously.


Bear is stable. We had a scare over Easter weekend.  One of the things my vet told me to watch for is white gums, which is a sign he’s not oxygenating his blood.  I have been checking and Easter Sunday, his gums were bone white.  I rushed him to the vet Monday morning and talked to the Dr.  She set him up on oxygen, ran some diagnostics and loved on him all day.  When I got back to pick him up, the vet was full of dogs barking and was a general madhouse.  After an update, which included the news that he had a bit of fluid on his lungs, but was otherwise in great shape, Bear hopped into his cat carrier and communicated quite clearly that he was ready to go home!


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  1. Glad to hear Bear is doing okay – he looks so cute tucked under your work table. Don’t envy you all the slugging you’ve been doing in your garden though!! I guess one of the good things about my having such bad allergies is that I can’t do any of that.

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