Planets with Pizzazz!


I have been working on the front cover again, attaching planets and, this evening, the sun.  I’m done with it for now, but may come back and add more beads.  Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were caged in with red seed beads.  Mercury and Venus were stitched first to the sun using a sequin and a bead.  Three of the four Earth’s were stitch to the background with aqua seed beads, then surrounded with another line of seed beads.  The fourth was stitched to the sun in the same fashion.  I then attached the sun to the cover, sewing only the sides down and manipulating him a bit so that his face puffs up in the center.  I’m super pleased with him!  The pictures don’t begin to do it justice, but until I get my lights set up this weekend I won’t be able to capture better. 





In answer to MA’s question, the “page” size is 10”x10”.  I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I intend to bind off my front and back covers.  I’m going to bind the book using a piano hinge binding (book binding, not quilt binding in this context), so when I sew the edge binding, I’ll sew in loops on the spine edge to be used for the piano hinges.  Tomorrow night, I’m going to get to work on Capricorn again.



As I promised a month ago, here’s a partial picture of the flower bed I put in the backyard.  It’s going to be hot and dry this summer, so I’m not sure all of this will make it, but it looks nice for now.  I’ve been enjoying the birds and butterflies, except this evening when there was a loud “thunk” on the window.  I was cooking dinner at the time and was quite startled.  I hurried outside to see if there was a senseless bird on my patio – hoping to avoid said senseless bird being brought in as a toy by my furry friends.  Unfortunately, there was a dead mockingbird there.  He must have gone head first at high speed because I think he broke his neck.  I disposed of him before any of the cats figured out he was there, but I burned my dinner.

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  1. I’m sorry about the poor bird AND that you burned your dinner. However, I’m awfully glad to see the sensory splendour (now how’s THAT for use of the English language?!) of the photos. Your cover is looking awesome!

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