Progress on Sirona


I had a very productive day.  I got my floors cleaned by lunch time and after lunch, I sat down to work on Sirona.  I got her bodice gathered and stitched down.  I, then, designed the corset and constructed it.  There will be beads or trim or both around the neckline of the bodice and the edges of the corset.  I also got her sleeves made and used up almost all of the remaining lace from the packet I had. 



I got my stuff packed up for my weekend play date and then sat down to draw Sirona’s face.  Unfortunately, this represents the one step back part of today’s program.  I don’t like her face or head at all.  I tried something different with this head.  I sewed it on the bias, to give it a bit of breadth.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work the way I wanted and I didn’t see that until I got the face on.


Her nose is too big, her eyes too high on her face and I hate the mouth that I drew.  I was going for joyous and ended up with solemn-ish, going on bored.

So, if I can get up early enough tomorrow, I’m going to sew another head to take with me.

3 thoughts on “Progress on Sirona

  1. Really like the colours on Sirona – the lace was a great inspiration. Although I like her face, I agree with you that it doesn’t really suit her. This one looks rather prim and proper and I don’t think her clothing suits that persona. Anyway, happy new year Amy – here’s to good health, happiness and much creativity!

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