After the Technical Difficulties/ Fireplace takes shape

Apologies if you visited this blog in the last 48 hours and discovered missing pictures.  I hit the limit on my server and discovered that, between Live Writer and WordPress, I had up to 5 copies of every photograph I’ve posted in the last 5 years.  After much trial and error, I deleted the correct copies of the pictures, leaving the linked ones intact (or restoring them as the case might be).

In between dealing with that, I’ve been enjoying a long weekend, doing a bit of gardening, a bit of cleaning, some fabric dying with a neighbor and working on round robins.  I finished up the Cool-aberration round robin and got that in the mail and posted.  If you want to take a look at the round robin, visit the blog: and take a peek.  I have also been beading the fireplace on my 2011 Gypsy round robin book.  I started beading and removed the beads after discovering I was going to run short of one of the styles of shell beads.  After a shopping expedition, I started over.


Here’s the fireplace, quilted – no beads yet.


And here it is with the beading on the right side done and the left in progress.


Here is a close-up.  I’m attempting to make it look like an underwater environment with coral and shells.  I haven’t figured out what I’m doing with the mantle yet, but have time.

I also made a trip out to Ikea with mom and got a sofa table for my hall so I could move all of the family pictures that are scattered through various parts of the house to one spot.


Here’s what it looks like in its new home.  The photographs above the table are ones I have taken, had printed and framed.  The ones on the table are of my family.  The ones underneath are some of my pictures from Oaxaca.


Here’s a better view of the top.  It’s got a glass top with a shelf underneath that I’ve filled with small hand-made books and a photo book of my niece and nephew that I received as a gift from my SIL and Brother. 

All in all, it was a relaxing weekend.  I’m praying for an end to the wind, rain and the recovery of my SIL’s Grammy who’s in the hospital and listening to James McMurtry’s “It’s Memorial Day in America” on the radio.  Happy Memorial day.