A Little of This, a Little of That, a Lot of Progress


I have been a busy bee this last week and have worked on, and mostly finished, a lot of things.  This means I have a lot of pictures to post this evening.  Above is what my bookshelf with dolls looks like currently.  Actually, this is only one of my bookshelves with dolls on it, but it has most of the completed pieces from this year, so far, including all three of my Goddess of Seasons series that are done or mostly done to date.

Modron has doubled as my Goddess of Fall and my CTADS doll in a year piece.  The theme for that was Monochromatic.  I chose shades and tones of brown, obviously.  She has a bit more work to go before she is done, but she was complete enough for me to take today.


Here she is, with her headdress completed, and her cloak mostly completed.


Her shoes peaking out from under her skirt.


I took Diane Keeler’s Shoe class on Adele Sciortino’s A for Artistic online classroom.  I just finished these guys up yesterday. 


I also finished her headdress up.




Here are Modron, Sirona and Aine together.  I did not realize, until I put them next to each other that I gave them all green eyes.


Patterns for Sirona and Aine are available on my Etsy shop and Modron should be available before the end of the year.

The other thing I had to have done for today was my Christmas ornament for our ornament exchange.  I made this Christmas bell last evening using some of my fabric paper, a left over head from me table favor dolls for ADAA, and some wool felt and wool felt balls.



Donna got my ornament.  She made the Gourd Doll that I won at the CTADS retreat this year, so I’m happy that she now has something of mine.

Last but NOT least!  I finished up Annie’s book pages.  As a refresher, her theme is Carnival of Freaks.


Here’s Electric Girl.  I used Angelina on the background and beaded the three fire balls.


I also used this great orange lace trim on the edge.


And here is the bottle imp.  He’s kind of hanging out in space, and I’m so pleased with how the background turned out, between the Shiva paint sticks, the foiling and the original bleached and over-dyed fabric.  I added some Tim Holtz gears and sequins to add a bit more depth.


And that’s all of the progress.  I need to clean up a bit so I can start on my next project or two.  The first thing is a commission for a monkey made from a Karen Shifton pattern that Gypsy Pamela carries.  The next are presents for my niece and nephew.

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  1. WOW! Girl you have been busy. Great creations you have made. I finished a Christmas Stocking for my grandson Kyle. Now have to mail it tomorrow. Then I will start creating something new. :-)
    Keep Creating

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