A Face Only a Mother Could Love

I have been working on the monkey commission I received in Houston.  He’s finally at a stage I can photograph him, and he looks like more than a jumble of parts.  This guy goes together in a way which is very different from my normal working style.  If I were doing him again, I’d change up the construction to make it easier to work with.  As it is, I have to wait to stitch his arms and legs to his body until I get his hands and feet constructed and attached – which happens last.  This is sort of the reverse of my normal working order, but is required by the armature method proscribed by the pattern designer.  Anyhow, his face is recognizable as a face (and isn’t in pieces as it was when I took him in to work this morning to show my co-workers).


He’s kind of cute in a homely sort of way.  I have to work on coloring his face.  My Derwent Coloursoft pencils aren’t marking very well on the felted wool.  The material is some I picked up in Houston and is felted wool blankets…  a bit thicker than what I suspect the original designer (Karen Shifton) worked with, but it provides such a wonderful visual texture.

I am in the process of wiring and stuffing his hands.  Hopefully, I can get hands and feet done tomorrow evening.  For now, he’s standing on his armature wires and everything except his head is a bit floppy and wiggly because it’s not permanently stitched to the body.


I’m already thinking about the Goddess of Winter, even though she is 4th on my list, and I have to put the finishing touches on the Goddess of Fall.  I have two dolls to make as Christmas presents, plus a 3rd piece that I’m making a body and clothing to go with a head I received from elinor peace bailey to give to my friend and co-worker Ken for his Christmas/Birthday.  LOL!  I’ve got all of my vacation booked with making dolls, it seems!  The Goddess of Winter though is eager to get started because she wants part of her costume to be made from some of the indigo/purple velvet I dyed recently!

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