Doll Marathon!

I have been working on dolls and more dolls, with intermittent breaks for Christmas shopping and meals with my mother.  I finished up the monkey on Sunday evening, started on a doll for my niece yesterday afternoon and finished it up this morning.  I started on the doll for my nephew this afternoon.  I do believe that is the most dolls I’ve worked on in a 3-day period ever!

So – here’s Mr. Hurdy Gurdy Monkey.



Isn’t he a cutey?

Now for my absolute favorite.  I was going to make an elinor peace bailey pattern that I bought in Houston, but I couldn’t find it, even after 2 hours of cleaning up my sewing room yesterday.  So, I sat down and concocted this doll.  I got most of her done yesterday evening.  This morning I had to give her hair, an underskirt, her bows and her hat.  When I got her hat on, I couldn’t stop laughing.  She’s such a FUN doll!  Her name is Kate’s Party Doll!  After some minor adjustments, this doll will be a pattern!  It’s such an easy doll to construct and so much fun!





And last, but not finished, I’ve started on a doll for my nephew.  Based on the success of Kate’s Party Doll, I’m employing simple construction methods for this one.  I’m going to leave the details and theme of this doll a secret for now, until he’s more finished.  The nice thing though, is this doll is standing on his own two feet, sans an armature.  I’m pleased I made that work! 


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