Growing a Garden and a Bit of Velvet

I’ve spent most of the last month and a half working in my yard.  Spring came with rain, thank goodness, and, in between showers, I’ve been working on my flower beds and my gardens.

I spent time today dyeing some velvet.  I got some great turquoise and a wonderful chocolate color, as well as some yellows.  I will have them posted in my shop tomorrow. 

For now, enjoy pictures from my garden and of Marley!




Ornamental Kale


Marley likes to sleep on his back.  Funny cat!


Look at that sweet face!

3 thoughts on “Growing a Garden and a Bit of Velvet

  1. Looks like you are busy in your yard. Beautiful plants. Kitty has a sweet face. Would you like another cat??? Just kidding, I couldn’t get rid of Kat. He’s a family member.
    Have A Great Day!

  2. Will try this again. The other word wouldn’t post right so had to try again.

    Looks like you are having fun in your yard. Your cat has a sweet face. Gotta love cats.

    I’m working on stuff or I should say LOTS & LOTS of STUFF! Never ending. Finshed some new proposals NOW going to clean my studios. Got a big mess in both studios. LOL!! Wanna come up and help me clean? LOL LOL!

  3. Well, looks like the first one let my comment go through. It said, it wouldn’t. LOL! Sorry you are getting 3 post from me now. LOL

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