A Lot of Fabric, a Lot of Dye and Little Bits of Clay and Paint

Spring has visited Central Texas and looks to be on its way out the door already, but I’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful weather to dye a lot of fabric.  I have been busy, working on several projects all at once and have some pictures to post, but not of everything!

I dyed a whole BUNCH of fabric over the last week.  I think I did 25 or 30 yards of velvet and 12 yards of rayon.  The velvet is all posted in my Etsy shop and I’ve got links on my Facebook Fan Page so I won’t post pictures here.

I’ve started on my All Dolls are Art 2012 table favor doll prototype.  I don’t have a picture of it yet, because it’s just clay and wires at this point. I’m venturing into new territory courtesy of my Art Fest class with Michelle Allen and trying out paper clay.  I should have enough progress made later in the week to be able to post pictures!

I’ve also been working on Connie’s fabric book pages, but, alas, don’t have pics of that either yet!  Especially since I got home late from work and spent the rest of my evening posting listings on Etsy.

What I do have are the journal pages I’ve done recently.  It has been a good long while since I worked in my journal.  In fact, I had a drought all last fall, not doing anything in it until Christmas when I had my annual “art play date” with my niece and nephew.  Whenever they are here, I give everyone a break and “babysit” by pulling out my journal and my art supplies.  This year, both kids got water color supplies in their stockings, so we had plenty to go around!

After Christmas, I got sick almost as soon as I got back to work, and ventured into my journal about two weeks in to my 6 week bout with a cold.  This page is the result of my being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Smile


Then I went to Art Fest, and took along my journal and supplies, but didn’t even crack a page open while I was gone.  Since I’ve been back, though, I’ve been playing in my journal when I got sick again (sigh), and been travelling for work, and just generally playing when I couldn’t put enough time together to work on my other projects.  Since it’s been so long since I played with acrylics, I’m a bit rusty, but am finding my way again.


I collaged some images I had laying around and played with paint colors I don’t normally use on this page.


This one has a gel medium transfer and I used a new stencil!  Love the dots!


I decided to start out with a black background on this one, and add color to it to see how that worked.  I was listening to Florence and the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, while working on this.  Love the album, especially love “What the Water Gave Me”. 


This is free form drawing/painting without collage this time.  I’m not quite finished with this one or the next two.


This one is almost all collage at this point, with a layer or two of paint on top, plus some stencilling and doodling.  I went back to the color palette I used for Hey Daisy from 2010 (yep, still working in the same journal!).


This page is the opposite page to the one above.  More collage, outrageous juxtaposition of elements.  Lot of fun to do though!  And here, for reference, is my Hey Daisy page.