Fall Has Arrived, Round Rock Chalk Art Walk, and All Dolls Are Art 2013

It was 70 degrees when I woke up this morning and got cooler as the day wore on.  I went by Ikea to get a gift card for my brother and sister-in-law for their anniversary and her b-day (which was the 4th), drove by the new Round Rock Food Trailer park (YEAH!) and Adam’s Gifts, which is a great little shop just off the main drag through down-town.  Then I headed to the parking garage so I could drop the car and explore Round Rock’s Chalk Art Walk. 


It was a great day for it and there were some really great pieces in progress, plus all the kids in the street with their chalks and their 1 foot square of pavement.  The Biscuit Brothers were playing in the square to quite a crowd.  I wandered with my camera and talked to a few folks.



This piece later was auctioned off. 


As was this piece, which I loved, as it’s one of my favorite artists.


I went back this evening to see the finished pieces.


The Jackelope piece finished.


I stopped and talked to Sean Lewis about his piece, which I really liked.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my Goddess of Winter.  I finished her last sleeve today and got her face drawn and her head attached.  I don’t often work on the head last, but as this doll, like the Goddess of Fall, started with the fabric, I made her head last.  I did most of the needle-sculpting at the CTADS meeting last week.  I have to make her head covering, cape and boots still.  Then she’ll be done.


She has an empire-waist undergown made from light-weight linen.  gown

I originally wanted to do her in blues, but she’s the last in the set of the Goddesses of Seasons series.  The others are done in the yellow/green/orange spectrum, so I needed to dress her in colors which complemented the others.  They will be on display together, so it only makes sense.  So, she’s in Christmas reds and the yellow toned greens.


I’m definitely in the mood to work on dolls again, and have a bunch of ideas.  First though, I have to finish this one!


I committed sacrilege by cutting the edge of a piece of Treasures of the Gypsy embroidered metallic netting to make the outer sleeve’s lace cuffs.  It’s just the perfect adornment for the sleeve, so I couldn’t help it!


Last – her face, which may get more highlights and blush once I get her hat done.

The other thing I’ve been madly working on lately is the 2013 All Dolls are Art website.  The classes for 2013 are now up and registration is open.  I redesigned the site and like the look quite a bit, even though I prefer art to have a black background online.  Swing on by and check out all of the classes for Weird, Wild and Exotic!

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