My First Juried Exhibit and a Sneak Peak at my next doll


I submitted a couple of pieces to the Round Rock Arts Council’s November Photography and Sculpture show, not knowing what to think.  I didn’t hear back by the deadline, so didn’t think I had made it in.  I got a call today asking if I was still bringing my pieces by, so I am so very excited!  Doorway Into the Garden and Mercadriel were accepted for their show at the Texas State University’s Round Rock campus.  The opening reception is Friday night and I plan to go, likely with Mom.



I’ve been gradually cleaning up the house, having shipped all of the Stretching Art and Tradition 14 pieces back to their creators.  I decided to follow up on an idea I had to make a Christmas Angel out of my Modron, Goddess of Fall, pattern.  When I made her, it occurred to me that she would make a perfect Christmas Angel.  I started on her this last week.  Yesterday, when working on stuffing her fingers, I had a blow-out, and decided to stop for the day.  This evening, I sewed up another arm and while the Fray-check was setting, I started stuffing the other arm from yesterday and had another blow-out.  I haven’t had issues with fingers in years, but the arms for this doll are just not working well.  I was able to ladder stitch up the damage similar to darning socks.  Of course, I got that done and turned the fingers on the replacement arm, only to discover I had made a second left arm when what I needed was a right arm.  Arrrggg…  Never fails.  So, I set the arm aside and stuffed the second leg.  She now has both legs pinned on and I can show an in progress pic, although they are not exciting.




We have had alternating fall and early summer weather over the last week and Marley has decided his favorite place to sleep is the patio table.  We’ve had some high winds lately and during one of those, my patio furniture went flying along with some glass which broke all over my patio.  I managed to start the cleaning up process on that this weekend, but Marley still thinks the table is the best spot to sleep.


Speaking of Stretching Art and Tradition, SAT15 is now posted on the website:  If you are interested, you can join our yahoo group.

3 thoughts on “My First Juried Exhibit and a Sneak Peak at my next doll

  1. Congratulations on getting into the exhibit! Of course you know how much I love your dragon (mine is looking down on me from atop my button jars above the computer). He gives such presence to my room and makes me happy every time I look at him.

  2. Yes, congratulations on sending your art and being accepted into the show. How super fun.

    And oooii, Marley. So adorably cute. :-)

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