East Austin Studio Tour and All Dolls Are Art Newsletter #1

Hey all!  This is the last weekend of the East Austin Studio Tour (otherwise known as EAST) and I spent a bit of time perusing studios and art yesterday.  I’m going back for more today but wanted to post on some of what I saw.

The first stop on my list was Stop #21:  Ross De La Garza of Primordial Persuasions.  He is a raku ceramicist and does the BEST fish!  I fell in love and as soon as the back patio gets done, I’ll be going back to get some to grace the new outdoor space.  Ross kindly let me take a picture of his exhibit space.


If you would like to see Ross’s work, EAST is open again today.  His next appearance will be at Wimberly Market Days on December 1st.  His website is www.phishross.com.

My next stop was at 5305 Bolm Road, the home of Big Medium, the organizers of EAST. I also stopped in and saw Stephanie Rubiano.  She was sharing studio space with a few other encaustic artists, including Rothko Hauschildt.  I monopolized both of them for a good 15 minutes.  The space they are in, inside #7 and #8, is really eye catching with all of their work on the walls.  I may go back today and ask if I can take a picture to post here so you can see!  I loved all of the work on the walls in the space.  Some of the other studios, not so much.  There was a very weird, but cool, ceramic sculpture that I have seen here before.  I am really taken by his stuff, but not sure I would want to own it.  I just love looking at it!  You can see some of it on his website and more at Big Medium or Eye of the Dog.

Last but not least!  Today is the launch of the All Dolls Are Art Newsletter!  The ADAA newsletter will come out every 3-4 weeks with Teacher and artist profiles and ADAA news.  If you would like to subscribe, you can do so at ADAA online or you can sign up here