A New Round Robin, Art and Words

A friend of mine from the doll world invited me to participate in an art journal round robin.  As I have not done one in a while, since I finished “Curiosity” in fact, I said yes!  There are very few rules for this round robin, just that you use the word of the month to inspire your entry, which should be 2 pages.  We each contributed words. Mine was “Flight”.  The words, in the order we are to use them are:  Imagine (February), Believe, (March), Moon (April), Flight (May), Kerfuffle (June), Assemblage (July), Impulsive (August), Fragile (September), Inspiration (October), Peace (November), Enchanting (December), and Trust (December).  The only person in this RR that I know is the organizer.  It will be interesting to venture out on this journey. 


I have to mail my journal out by February 1st, and being the procrastinator that I am, I started today to work on it.  I knew I wanted to bind my own book, as I do not enjoy store bought journals very much for art work.  I have been thinking about how I would start the book.  Our first entry, in our own journal, is supposed to be an introduction of sorts of ourselves to the rest of the group.  As I find myself oscillating between the worlds of fiber and paper, I thought I could make a cover that merged the two.  I also liked the idea of a soft cover and a structure with a bit of flexibility to it so that people will be able to work in it and not worry about the depth of what they do.  So, I opted to use a piano hinge binding with hand-dyed fibers for the “pins” so as to minimize the weight and the rigidity. 


For the cover, I decided to use a combination of fabrics and my paper fabric.  I initially thought of weaving the two, but instead found a piece of my paper fabric that is my absolute favorite.  Done in Quin Gold and Dioxazine Purple, it has the right amount of visual interest without being too busy. 


I cut out a piece of Peltex for the base and dug through my scrap fabrics and started machine quilting various pieces down.  Once I had the inside covered, I added a piece of sparkle net in chartreuse to serve as a pocket.  I added the paper fabric to the front, stitched all the way around the edges and on the spine edge, then zig-zagged the edge to finish it.  I stitched around my hinges on the spine, cut them out, turned them and stitched them down.  I had already torn down my pages and cut the hinges, so I just had to fit everything together.  All together, it took me 3 hours to construct the book.  Tomorrow night I’ll make my introduction page, or get it started at least!  


I’m really happy with how it turned out.  If I have time, I may do some embroidery on the cover.


This is the front inside cover with the net pocket.


And the back with some of my hand-dyed velvet.  These are all pieces of fabric I’ve used on dolls in the last year, and a great way to use up scraps!  Because I quilted the inside down to the peltex before attaching the outside cover, you don’t see any of the quilting lines on the cover.


Here you can see the hinge structure.  It’s pretty easy to do, but when you are threading in fiber, it gets to be a bit time consuming, even with a bodkin.  I’ll add color to the hinges so they aren’t so white against the paper fabric.

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  1. Hi! I’m another of the participants in the Art Journal round robin. Your journal is wonderful & I look forward to working in it. M.

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