Flower Fairy update: Face!

I finished up sleeves and got the fairy’s face drawn.  I guess I need to name her instead of continuing to call her “the fairy”.  Anyway, in keeping with the soft colors of her costume, I wanted a soft, innocent face.  So, blue eyes, and she’ll likely have blond hair.  I worked with a color pallet that coordinated with the fabrics in her dress.  She looks happy.


It took several times to get the eyes and mouth right.  The mouth is a little large, but I think that works in this case.


She’s going to be holding something with flowers, a bouquet or a basket, maybe.  I have to dig through my stash to see what I have that will work.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll stitch on her head and start on wings.  The to do list to finish her up includes painting her fingernails, sculpting her toes and giving her shoes and hair.  Hopefully, she’ll be finished up and listed on Etsy by the end of the weekend!  Here is the full length shot, so you can see her finished costume.


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