The Book of Kells

My first day in Dublin started at 6:30 am when my flight landed at Dublin’s airport an hour early.  How often does that happen?  After dropping of my luggage at my hotel, grabbing my camera and journal, and freshening up a bit, I started walking.  My hotel on Lower Baggot street is near all of the major sights in south Dublin.  I wandered down the back side of the National Gallery and National Museum, neither of which were open at 9am.  I sat for a while in the courtyard of the National Museum, resting and enjoying the cool and the damp.  After a bit, I made my way towards Trinity College and the Book of Kells.  On the way, I spotted this fabulous mural.


Trinity College was busy and there were a few people wandering around in graduation gowns and caps.  The line to see the Book of Kell’s was pretty long, but not so bad, so I sat on a bench and people watched.  When a tour group came up, I went ahead and joined the queue, finding myself right behind a couple from Austin.  How odd to be so far from home and hear people speaking of Rundberg Ln and 45N.

The exhibit for the Book of Kells was nicely done, but no photography was allowed inside, so I’ll have to post any drawings I complete later.  There was a video on book-binding, in the era of the Book of Kells and another on calligraphy in that time frame.  The display had many old bibles, plus the book of Kells (2 folios, one with text and the other with decoration), and two other books.


The next part of the exhibit was the Long Room, where non-flash photography was allowed.  The room reminded me of the Antiquarium at the Residenz Museum, with the arched ceilings and the busts.  However, instead of marble and paintings, the walls of this room were lined, floor to ceiling, two stories high, with book cases filled with books that have been preserved or restored.  Down the center were cases with examples of writing and books and other things that Trinity College preserves/conserves such as photographs and the oldest Irish harp. 

After Trinity College, I wandered down Grafton Street.  There was a lot to see, but I was reaching the point of exhaustion that limited my interest.  I did manage to find a Starbucks with free wifi and had a Chai Latte, sitting above the shops on Grafton.


After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, I returned to my hotel, got my luggage and got into my room.  I took a shower and a nap.  My room is on the first floor in this Georgian town house.  In PA, this would be called a row house.  It’s cute. 


I ventured out again, heading for St. Stephen’s Green, where I discovered, to my surprise and please, live, traditional music in the band stand.  Today was Love Live Music Day in Ireland.  The musicians played a number of songs, including a slip jig and a double jig accompanied by Irish step dancers.


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  1. Love your pictures, am hoping to see more green ones!!!! How about a Leprechaun! Have a fabulous Saturday!

    Love mom

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