Treasures of The Gypsy Challenge 2013

If The Shoe Fits, copyright 2013, AnLiNa Designs

The challenge theme this year was Masquerade Ball, and I loved it!  If you get to Houston, you’ll see this piece as part of the Celebration of the Doll exhibit.  If not, I’ll post more pictures here over the next week.



She’s showing off her fabulous shoes.  This piece was inspired by a co-worker who always has fantastic footwear.



The challenge fabric was the iridescent rose piece and the lavender sheer that is her petticoat.


I made the mask using instructions from fellow TAODA and CTADS member, Theresa May.


She had to have opera gloves.  I’m really happy with the way she turned out, even if she did venture a bit farther from my vision than I intended.