ICAD 2015–My first “a-day” challenge

I’ve never participated in a “do something every day” challenge before, but I had seen several YouTube videos by artists that had and have participated in Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day (or ICAD) challenge and I was intrigued.  So, I jumped in.  I’m finished with week 1 of the 2 month challenge (runs from June 1 – July 31) and thought I would share a step out of week 1, day 7’s card, as well as my first week’s results. 

There are prompts and themes, and I’ve followed some and not followed others. I skipped Friday night in favor of canning 5 more pints of pickles on top of the 8 pints I did last weekend, so I caught up yesterday evening.  It’s really an easy going and fun challenge that is low pressure.  I encourage you to check it out.

First, here are my cover card and first 6.



Theme for Day 1 was Chevrons and I used that here in Black and White and Red in Chevrons


Theme for Day 2 was Carnival and I used that here


Theme for Day 3 was Maps



and day 6


So, for Day 7, I again skipped the theme, but wanted to work in the same fashion I did on Day 5.  I started with a piece of brayer paper that I had finger painted circles on and collaged that to my index card.


It’s dark, not particularly appealing and has the white strip down the right side.


Next, I used one of my home made stencils and diarylide yellow to stencil the flower over the upper right circle.  I used a home made mask to block off some interesting bits on the left side and used teal to cover up the rest of the space, including the white strip on the right.


I used another stencil and sponged permanent violet inside the blobs (on the left).  I used black to outline the center of the flower from step 2.  I used the permanent violet to draw stripes on the eyllow part of the finger-painted circle on the lower left and then outlined the strip on both sides with it.  I decided I didn’t like the center of that flower, so I painted it white.  I used white and painted strips on the teal bar on the right.  I then outlined the violet pods with black and the striped bar on the right.


I added a black outline to the original pod shape in the background on the left.  Then I pulled out the white Signo Uniball and outlined my yellow petals, made petals on the background pod shape and added marks inside the pods on the foreground pod shape and the cetner of the big flower.  I used a black Pitt pen to add marks to the center of the lower right flower.


To finish off, I outlined my white petals with a S black Pitt pen and drew pod shapes around the flower on the lower right.  I used an M black Pitt pen to add the arrows on the left, and the dashes in the teal background. I used the white Signo pen to color in the center of the pods on the lower right and add dots to the yellow of the big flower.  I went back in with the S Pitt pen and outlined the petals of the large flower.  I then added the cross hatching in white to the center of the large flower.   I’m practicing isolating elements in a busy or ugly background using paint and marks.  I’m really happy with my progress here.