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Amy Nelson

Round Rock, TX

I am a mixed media artist, in the sense that I work in many different media.  I work in fiber, creating both art quilts and art dolls – oh and the occasional fabric book.  I work with paper and paint – artist books, altered books, and collage.  I have been an artist all my life, but have only acknowledged and cultivated it after wandering around looking for my passion.  I continue to cultivate that garden as often as my day job allows.  My mother told me often when I was a child that practice makes perfect.  I have found that to be true in as much as the more I practice the better I get, the less self-conscious I am about my art.

I started a new venture in 2011, producing an art retreat for sculptures and doll makers, called All Dolls Are Art. ADAA, for short, is held annually, the last weekend in July in Austin, TX. If you are interested in learning to sculpt, check us out at www.alldollart.com.  I am adding a mixed media retreat, Art-Xscape, in 2014.  You can see the class line-up and register at www.art-xscape.com.

AnLiNa is my Chinese name – given to me by coworkers when I spent several months in China.  It was after that trip that I had about a month off from my day job.  I took that time to think about what I wanted to do – if I could do anything.  The answer was art – so I decided to honor that sojourn in China as it was the stimulus for my decision to be an artist even if I can’t do art as my full time job yet.

If you want to see my art without all of the words, go to my website – www.anlinadesigns.com

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3 thoughts on “About AnLiNa

  1. That’s really interesting that you were given AnLiNa as your Chinese name – it’s my real name (though written without the capitals) and is indeed Chinese, but it doesn’t “sound” very Chinese and most people can’t guess the background.

    Do you know what it means in Chinese and how to write it?

  2. Ni Hao Anlina Sheng! I have not learned how to spell it. I have business cards with one spelling and my Chinese friends gave me a seal (stamp?) with a different spelling as a going away gift. One day, when I have much time, I will scan both in and send to my friends in Shanghai and ask them which I should learn. The pronunciation I was taught is An (4th tone), Li (first tone), Na (2nd tone).


  3. Dear Amy aka AnLiNa:
    My name is (Mrs.)LaMar Mendiola and I currently live in Houston, TX (but will soon be moving to South Texas — back home to Corpus Christi in a few months). I just found your website and blog while I was looking at the TAODA website and the local art doll club here in Houston called Material Girls. By the way, congratulations on being accepted into TAODA. I used to be a member of the Material Girls way back in 02 to 03 but then “life” (as in working life) got in the way here in Houston and I stopped making dolls and put the brakes on my artistic endeavors until recently, when my husband retired from his job. But the funny thing was that after I put the art hobby on hold, I still kept buying art stuff whenever it was on sale?! I remember about six or seven years ago, I went into a Hancock fabric store during the lunch hour and on a payday Friday and spent over $65.00 on more supplies, fabrics, notions, etc. I refused to give up on my other dream — which is creating art and be successful enough to sell it. About this time last year, I went to the Bellaire Public Library where the Material Girls were making a presentation about doll making and showing some new works by several of the members. I just had to go because I wanted to see what I had been missing out on for a few years. I took pictures and talked to some of the members and officers and especially M. Annette Money, who got me to join the Material Girls back in 2001. After that event, I got fired up to start creating and picking up where I left off. So my journey has been somewhat like yours and to paraphrase, “I have been an artist all my life, but have only acknowledged and cultivated it after wandering around looking for my passion”. There is more to tell but I feel like I found another way back to my art thanks to your blog and website . Thank you and hope to meet you one day…. LaMar

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