An Episode with Paint and Paper


After a successful Art-Xscape, more on that in another post, and a bout with bronchitis, I’ve been alternating cleaning with playing with paint and paper and my art journal.  I acquired a Gelli-Arts plate when I visited Annie in Denver in February, but I hadn’t played with it at all since I returned home.  I rectified that!  Each evening, I’d spend an hour cleaning and an hour playing in the garage (my temporary paint studio) with the Gelli plate.  I will post pictures of my results there in a separate post as well (boy!  I’m racking up the post topics today!).  I printed some pages in my journal, some of which I didn’t really like.  So, I started working in my journal again.

I went to the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival a week ago and looked at arts and crafts with my friend Sarah.  That evening, my brain buzzing, I got out in the garage and started a journal page which ended up being a very happy page, “Spring 2014”.  I love how it turned out.


Next I started playing with a background that was quite a bit darker, collaging some of my Gelli-printed paper on it and trying to lighten it up.  I’ve also been using a bunch of my TCW Stencils (totally in love with these!).  Mostly, I’ve used Jamie’s, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s and Dina Wakley’s.  This page, “Supernova”, ended up much busier and darker.


Sarah and Kathleen came over yesterday to for an Art Play date.  We made paste papers, and Sarah’s favorite color combo, Pthalo Turquoise and Napthol Red, inspired me.  So, this evenings journal pages started from that color combo and a couple of journal pages that I did NOT like!  For step by step photos, see my blog on Tumblr!  For now, I leave you with the start:


And the finish!  The left page is “Harlequin”.  The right is “Convergence”.  I used circles punched from the turquoise and red paste paper!


Working on my Words Journal


I managed to get in the studio this evening to start working inside the Words journal.  I had an idea last night and wanted to try it out on the title page.  I wanted the effect of water colors but using my fluid acrylics in Quin Gold and Dioxazine Purple.  I started out with a water wash over the title page, then applied a very watery application of the Quin gold.  I ended up with a very nice yellow wash.  I wanted the purple to drip up into the yellow, so turned the journal around and worked upside down.  I applied more water and then a very drippy wash of the purple, loading up more paint in some spots to get it to really run into the yellow.  I wanted the fractal like spreading that you get when you work with really wet, dilute colors.  After it dried, I went over it with some texture tools (cardboard) and stamps and copper.  While I had the purple and copper paint on my palette, I dry brushed the hinges, first with purple and then with copper.  I will probably go over them a few more times to eliminate the white. 


In the next pass at the title page, I used Quin Violet to make the spiral and the “Words” title.  I pulled out one of my calligraphy pens and the india ink to make the stem-like lines and then added the words we are using for inspiration.  I messed up a few of them when the nib was loaded with too much ink, so I’ll go back in and fix that later.  The last step of the evening was to gesso the next two pages so they will be ready for me to work in them tomorrow.