All Dolls are Art 2014

If you are interested in learning sculpture, want to learn more about how artists approach their designs, or just want an interesting read – the ADAA 2014 faculty profiles are getting posted to the all new All Dolls are Art Blog!

Jean Bernard, of the famous Jean and Sherry team, is teaching 2 classes:  Bobble Head Barbie Pulled Herself Together Ontime and Fantasy Chair.


Clarissa Callesen is teaching 3 classes:  Wishkeeper, Steampunk Sally, and Bohemian Gypsy.


Sherry Goshon, the other half of the Jean and Sherry team, is teaching 3 classes:  What’s to a Head, The Illusion of Costuming, and Fun with Wire, Paper, and Cloth.


Angela Jarecki is teaching 2 classes:  About Face, How to Draw Faces, and Titania.


Ellen Kelsey is teaching her Fabulous Fish class.


Myriam Powell is teach a Luna.

Work In Progress & Final Dolls

Another Successful All Dolls Are Art!

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted last!  I have been very busy getting ready for, putting on, and picking up from All Dolls Are Art 2012.  It was a fantastic event, with 60 attendees, a large doll exhibit and 3 and half days of FUN!  I’ve posted pictures over on the All Dolls Are Art Face Book page, but will post a few here as well!


Lisa Renner’s Pod Heads class work


Silent Auction pieces from Marilynn Huston, Fran Parrigan-Meehan, Karin Otto-Burfict and Emma Gourley (made by Nancy Gowan).


Our sales room mascot, Gypsy Raven!


Arley and Jo’ann cutting up in class!


Me, delivering the dolls and our silent auction proceeds to Mia at the Austin Children’s Shelter.  I am so please that we will continue our partnership for 2013.


I listed a lot of new things on Etsy today.  I have a lot of hand-dyed stuff, included fabric and trim packs, seam binding, and cording.  Go check it out!


Last but not least – I had a winged visitor this morning while I was on the phone and I managed to get a couple of good photos.


Some Clay and All Dolls Are Art

I’ve had fun this weekend working in my garden.  I flat wore myself out yesterday.  I got up early and mowed and picked beans and 2 cucumbers, got the yard watered in the back and the flower beds watered in the front.  I went to the farmers market where my favorite veggie booth had yellow squash and zucchini!  I also got my first beans of the season… had to get some since my bushes are only producing a small hand full every couple of days right now.  After the farmers market, I headed to Round Rock Market Days where I got myself a very nice present.  It won’t be unveiled for a couple of months though, because it has to wait for my back patio redo.

Anyway, today I slept late after a late night thunderstorm and rain into the early morning.  I have been toying with an idea, possibly for my table favor dolls for All Dolls Are Art 2012.  I finally tried it out this afternoon. 


Meet the snail!  I sculpted him out of paper clay this evening over tin foil. 


Isn’t this a great face? 


This is my butterfly I was working on and have set aside as I don’t know how I want to paint it yet.


I have also been playing with faces.  I want some flat faces I can mold, which I decided I was going to do with these today.  I read on Fran’s Blog how she molded a less than perfect face and used the mold to create another face which she added clay too and remolded.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my mold material.  I know I saw it in the last few days, but I’ve moved it and can’t remember where.  Oh well. 

ADAA is coming up soon! We still have plenty of space in classes.  If you are curious, you can visit our Facebook page or our website:

ADAA 2012: The Talented Arley Berryhill

ADAA is pleased to have the multi-talented Arley Berryhill on our faculty this year!  He is always pushing the envelope as a designer and costumer.  He is teaching a new doll at ADAA 2012, the Gypsy Fortune Teller, complete with her fortune telling booth.


Believe it or not, this doll is constructed from cloth.  Arley spent time as a make-up artist, and brings those skills to his doll making with beautiful and realistic features.  The hands of his dolls are the most beautiful hands I’ve seen. 

In this class, you’ll learn Arley’s techniques for doll and costume construction, make-up, wigging and turban making.  As a bonus, Arley will teach you to make the fortune telling booth!


There is still space available in Arley’s class.  For more information and to sign up, visit the All Dolls Are Art website

Announcing the All Dolls Are Art 2012 Scholarship



Have you always wanted to learn to sculpt a figure?  Perhaps you love to play with cloth or clay, but haven’t been able to make the leap into full blown sculpture.  Or, perhaps you’ve made figures for years, but are stuck in a rut.  Maybe none of these apply, but you really want to attend All Dolls Are Art and take a class from Christine Shively, Arley Berryhill, Marilynn Huston or one of our other fabulous faculty members.  Perhaps your budget is a bit stretched.  If so, thanks to the generosity of 2011 attendees who designated the proceeds of their silent auction donations to an ADAA scholarship fund, we are delighted to offer 2 ADAA 2012 Scholarships in the amount of $100 each.

If you would like to apply for one of the ADAA 2012 Scholarships, please submit a short essay (1-2 paragraphs) addressing what doll making means to you and what your aspirations are for your doll making journey.  The best essays will be entered into a drawing for one of two scholarships.  This is not a cash prize.  The scholarship will deduct  $100 from your registration fee.  Please submit essays to  If you would like to learn more about All Dolls Are Art and the classes offered at the 2012 event, see our website at: