Busy, Busy, Busy, But Creative

In short bursts, I’ve managed to eke out some creative work in the time since I last posted.  I have completed a doll for the Stretching Art and Tradition challenge, almost finished a Catrina from my Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors Retreat, and started on my Houston Dolls.  Plus I finally got the Kerfluffle entry done in the Words Art Journal Round Robin.  So – lots of pictures this post!

First – She Wears Many Hats


For the complete details on this piece, visit Stretching Art and Tradition 15: Hi! It’s Me!.


Next, my Catrina – in polymer clay!  I never work in polymer clay because I can never figure it out!  Major props to Yoanna B who developed and lead this project in the CTADS retreat, because I actually managed to sculpt something in polymer clay!  Her costume isn’t done yet.




And last, but certainly not least – the Words Journal Round Robin.  First, the work by this journal’s creator, Donna.




Next – the first word “Imagine”, artist unknown because she didn’t sign her work.



Next:  Peggy W with Believe



Next – Debbie G with “Moon”



And the moon opens up to reveal this:


Next Suzanne, from MT, with “Wings”


I love seeing what Suzanne comes up with, as she always has something interactive to play with!



Now, for my entry: Kerfluffle.  This word gave me quite a bit of trouble.  After much thinking about it (I’m only 3 months late mailing), I arrived at this:




I first drew the large Kerfluffle letters on the page in pencil.  Then I started lettering with Fine, Extra Small, and Brush Pitt Pens around the page.  The goal was to create a blanket of letters in different styles and hands, without actually doing calligraphy.  I will be mailing it off to Mary Monday!

Website Update and New Etsy Listing

I spent the evening finishing up my annual website update.  I’ve finally caught up on getting my quilt pieces from the last three Stretching Art and Tradition pieces up on my website.  To find them, visit my Portfolio page and click on the picture of a the quilt.  Likewise, I got my doll pages updated with Cailleach, the Goddess of Winter and Searching for Magic.  I also got Searching for Magic listed on my Etsy Shop!  She is available for $150.00, shipping included, and is made from my hand-dyed fabrics.


ADAA 2012: The Talented Arley Berryhill

ADAA is pleased to have the multi-talented Arley Berryhill on our faculty this year!  He is always pushing the envelope as a designer and costumer.  He is teaching a new doll at ADAA 2012, the Gypsy Fortune Teller, complete with her fortune telling booth.


Believe it or not, this doll is constructed from cloth.  Arley spent time as a make-up artist, and brings those skills to his doll making with beautiful and realistic features.  The hands of his dolls are the most beautiful hands I’ve seen. 

In this class, you’ll learn Arley’s techniques for doll and costume construction, make-up, wigging and turban making.  As a bonus, Arley will teach you to make the fortune telling booth!


There is still space available in Arley’s class.  For more information and to sign up, visit the All Dolls Are Art website

Spring Wild Flowers and Art Fest 2012 Results

I went to the last Art Fest week before last and had so much fun.  Unfortunately, I came home and caught a cold again. Sad smile  I am so very tired of being sick!  This blog post is mostly pictures.  I’m very, very busy getting ready for a dyeing workshop with my doll club next weekend and so am going to leave you with pictures of the wild flowers that are gracing Central Texas and my Art Fest creations.


This is what it looks like in a field near my office.  You wouldn’t guess that there is a major shopping center just beyond the trees.


A lonely fire hydrant.





One of many butterflies gracing our fields and skies.


My backyard flower bed.


My first class at Art Fest was with Michelle Allen (Michelle’s blog).  Great class, fun techniques, fantastic teacher!  My dolls are the surfer tweety and octopus.  The odd gentleman is Kristy’s.  I hadn’t seen Kristy since 2008 when she stopped in Austin for SxSW and we had coffee!  We had 2 classes together and had so much fun catching up and sharing band discoveries.


Second class was Misfit dolls with Lana Guerra (www.crudethings.com).  Mine is the pink and orange beauty with the spots and stripes.


Last but not least, was Wings with Cynthia Thornton of Green Girl Designs.  Loved this class and had so many ideas! 

Kate’s Party Doll 2 and Corazon I now on Etsy!


I finished the second Kate’s Party Doll, this one is going to my mom.  She had a couple of refinements that make her easier to construct, so she would have gone together faster, if not for the pattern writing that was interspersed with the doll making!  I got the doll and the pattern finished as well as completing the pattern for Corazon I, so they are both now on Etsy.




Speaking of Etsy, I received an email earlier this week letting me know that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and that Mercadriel had been featured in an Etsy Treasury.  I have grand plans to get a couple more dragons done this year.  We’ll see! 

Next up for me is a body for a head.  Smile  I am making bodies for the heads that elinor gifted me.  The completed pieces will go to a friend and co-worker who instantly claimed the heads as his own.