Art-Xscape 2014

I’ve been a busy beaver the last two weeks, getting started with trades for Art-Xscape 2014, which is coming up April 4-6, 2014.  I’ve been playing with altering an Altoid Tin.


Plus I’ve interviewed Lynne Perrella, Pamela Hastings, Lisa Renner, Cathy Taylor, and Stephanie Rubiano for the Art-Xscape blog, all of whom are teaching at Art-Xscape.

Here’s a preview of some of their classes, all of which still have openings!







Each of these were posted to the Art-Xscape Facebook page.  If you would like to see updates on the event, like our page and visit often!

Art-Xscape–Breaking the Boundaries

As I announced in June of last year, I’ve launched a new venture – a mixed media art retreat called Art-Xscape.  The event is the first weekend in April and we have so much fun planned!  I’ve got faculty interviews going up over on the Art-Xscape blog.  If you are looking to broaden your artistic horizons – consider joining us!  We have classes available with Pamela Huntington, Kathy Kromer, Jo Pearson, Lynne Perrella, Lisa Renner, Stephanie Rubiano, Val Studer and Cathy Taylor.  Our classes run the gamut of media and techniques:  fabric books, paper and painted books, figures, collage, painting, assemblage, encaustics, alcohol inks and monoprints.  All of our classes are 1-day, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!  Visit the Art-Xscape page to find out more!


This is a new class from Lynne Perrella!

A New Adventure: Art-Xscape, plus some gardening


In the culmination of 6 months of work, I launched the Art-Xscape Retreat, a new mixed media retreat coming to ATX in 2014 this weekend.  There was a bit of a scramble at the end as my tech support on the web side of things (my dear brother) had to take shelter to avoid the second batch of tornados to accost the OKC area, just after closing on his new house!  All’s well that ends well, though.  He and the family are safe and sound, as is their new house, and the website made it up!  Please visit it and comment if you see anything of interest!  I’m pleased as punch with the line-up of classes and instructors! 


We have been the beneficiaries of some of the wet stuff – to the tune of 5 inches at my house!  That has led to largess in my garden and flower beds.  I donated 5 tomatoes, darn it, to the local mocking bird this week before I got my bird netting up.  Hopefully, I won’t donate any more!  I’ve been harvesting green beans and cucumbers for a few weeks now, in addition to cherry tomatoes, but this week saw the first large tomatoes.  Marley has fallen way down on the job of patrolling the garden!  He’s been enjoying laying in the grass instead.


I planted a bunch of dill in the hopes of having dill to go with the cucumbers for pickles.  Unfortunately for me, I’ve had swallowtail caterpillars chowing down.  I’m down to 3 out of the original 8 plants. 



I managed to catch what I think is a baby dragon fly visiting my lemon tree.  He kept climbing up into the blossoms and curling his tail around them, but I got this shot where he’s extended out straight and his wings are just visible.

I had a visitor to the mist flower at the other end of the garden a couple of weeks ago, just as I was wrapping up in the back garden before heading out of town.


He swung from the flower heads for quite a while.  I managed to get several really good shots before heading back inside the house.


Happy June!