Shrek and Fiona, Maybe


I spent the majority of my New Year’s day doing what I enjoy most – creating!  I finished up the gifts for my friend and co-worker Ken who’s birthday is Thursday.  He’s getting these tomorrow though.  They really aren’t Shrek and Fiona, but until he names them, those are the nick names I gave them.


I spent the morning after a late start due to a sleepless night because of fireworks in the neighborhood.  I am NOT a fan of the concussive sounding fireworks.  They reverberate off of the windows and when they go on until 2am, I’m a very unhappy camper.  So, good thing I didn’t need my brain to sew on Shrek’s sleeves.  Once I got caffeine and lunch, I figured out his hat.  The fabric I picked for his shirt wasn’t intended to look like camouflage, but that’s what it looks like in the photos.  That is SOOOO appropriate for Ken.  <giggle>.


After finishing Shrek’s hat, ,I made Fiona’s arms and then started her bloomers.  They took a while, as the body shapes on these dolls are challenging to fit.  Skinny legs and very chubby bodies.  On first construction, they were a little tight, but luckily, I could make them work!  Her jumper was easy-peasy, and then I just had to attach her arms and head and give her hair.


After taking photos of Shrek and Fiona together, I decided she needed a bow.  And now, they are complete and ready to give to Ken tomorrow!



Today is my brother’s birthday.  He came to Austin the day after Christmas, went to Houston with me for the Texas Tech bowl game and went home yesterday.  He texted me to let me know he was home at 11:40pm last night.  He’s 11 years and 1 week younger than I am, which means my birthday was a week ago! 


Andrew and I attended the Viva the Matadors tailgate.  I made up the banner from a VTMer’s avatar.  Andrew insisted on getting a picture of the two of us.


He’s an Aggie, in case you can’t tell from the “gig ‘em” sign.  At least he didn’t wear maroon!  Happy birthday!

I gave myself a couple of birthday presents, not including the trip to Houston.  The first was a new stove.  The second was a new patio!


The weather hasn’t been warm enough to put anything out on the patio yet.  I’m so eager for it to warm up!  Happy New Year everyone!