Art Journal Pages, Creative JumpStart 2016

My winter vacation ended with a lovely brunch on the Sunday before I headed back to work.  It is always difficult transitioning to working and meetings after being on my own schedule with much less human interaction (unless I choose to of course), no conference calls and limited screen time.  I decided to join Nathalie Kalbach’s Creative JumpStart 2016 workshop as a way to stay accountable to my goal of working on my art journal each week.  It’s been fun to see what each contributing artist (JumpStarter in Nathalie’s vernacular) comes up with for the focal artist each week.  I’ve not been responding to each day’s video, but have spent time each day that I didn’t have an evening commitment in my art journal.  I’m getting close to finishing the journal I started last year.  It’s kind of exciting!  I’ve also been keeping track of my days in my words journal.  It’s a journal that I just write in, no art in it, other than the gelli-prints I did on the pages before I bound it.  So far so good, my practice in journaling over the last year is continuing to thrive and to sustain and energize me.

First, from New Year’s Day, a page which is collaged from gelli-prints, copies of previous journal pages, painted, and pen- and marker-work: “Artistic Vision”.


Next, I finished “Light, Bright Light” on the 4th.  It started with inky underpaper and gelli-prints.  I worked with some of the resulting lines and elements that I saw as a result of the collage and added paint, stenciling, and pen and marker work to finish it off.


Next, my first #CJS2016 page, inspired by Rae Missigman’s video interpreting Matisse.  I stamped on this page, painted, drew, stenciled, painted and drew some more.  This page is much more pastel than I normally produce!


Another #CJS2016 inspired page, Three Circles is sort of inspired by Birgit Koopsen and Tori Weyers who were both intepreting Jean-Michel Basquiat.  I finished this off Wednesday and started my next page.


And my last one for the first two weeks of January was finished this morning.  “Fantasy Garden 2016” started with a page I’d wiped brushes on from the previous page.  I am trying to work with different colors and combinations than I’ve gravitated towards lately.  I also tried a bit of intuitive painting here.  I started by stenciling over the painted page with some of my new StencilGirl Stencils, then started working into everything with various opaque and transparent paints and FW Inks.


Happy Art Journaling!