The Unveiling of Falerina, the Flower Fairy


She’s finished, or just about.  I have her label to sew in and need to spray her face with fixative and stitch her basket to her hands.  Otherwise, she’s ready to take her bow!  She will be listed in my Etsy Shop late this week.  I have to haul out the back drop and the lighting to get her good pictures done, so that won’t happen until Wednesday. 

I am so pleased with her wings, which I finished up yesterday.  I saw a picture of wings by Deb Wood on the A-for-Artistic website and just missed signing up for her class.  I will definitely take it the next time it is offered.  I muddled through creating this wings with help from the class I took at Art Fest last year. 


She has ears, unlike most of my dolls lately, because I wanted to use yarn for her hair that I got at Hill Country Weavers last weekend.  I’ll explain the relationship in another post.


And here is Falerina with her basket of flowers.  I went shopping for the materials in my studio!  Gotta love it when you don’t have to buy anything to complete a piece!


She got her gladiator shoes today.  She even has toenails, which you can’t see because she’s kneeling on them.


Here’s a back shot of her wings, without her hair to get in the way.


And a close-up of her basket.  Happy Spring! 

Speaking of spring – a few shots from my garden.  The flowers are definitely blooming.


My patio at 10am this morning.


Purple salvia in my back bed.  I will post more pictures of this bed a bit later.  I’ve got three varieties of salvia mixed together with rosemary, lavender, Mexican Petunia and a couple of trees.  The salvias are going nuts!  It must be the compost I added this year, cause the Hot-Lips salvia has already grown 3 feet from where I wacked it back and the red salvias have put on the longest flower spikes I’ve ever seen.  They are going to pop open any day now and it will be a stunning display.

The new flower bed is taking off.  The mist flowers and the copper canyon daisy are thrilled with their surroundings.

Flower Fairy update: Face!

I finished up sleeves and got the fairy’s face drawn.  I guess I need to name her instead of continuing to call her “the fairy”.  Anyway, in keeping with the soft colors of her costume, I wanted a soft, innocent face.  So, blue eyes, and she’ll likely have blond hair.  I worked with a color pallet that coordinated with the fabrics in her dress.  She looks happy.


It took several times to get the eyes and mouth right.  The mouth is a little large, but I think that works in this case.


She’s going to be holding something with flowers, a bouquet or a basket, maybe.  I have to dig through my stash to see what I have that will work.  Tomorrow evening, I’ll stitch on her head and start on wings.  The to do list to finish her up includes painting her fingernails, sculpting her toes and giving her shoes and hair.  Hopefully, she’ll be finished up and listed on Etsy by the end of the weekend!  Here is the full length shot, so you can see her finished costume.


Flowers and Fairies


We’ve been blessed with rain twice in the last week, with a chance for more in a few days.  We are back in extreme drought, which makes any bit of rain we get very precious.  The plants are soaking it up and putting on a bit of a show.




I finished putting in the plants in the newest flower bed in my back yard.  I’ve been planning this bed for a while and I’m super thrilled to get it in this year.  It will help keep my foundation watered, if nothing else.  The rain helped the plants in this bed immensely, as well as making my garden happy!  I am not sure why, by my tomato and pepper plants in containers on my patio have already put on fruit while those in my garden are about a month behind, even though they were planted the same time.


In addition to gardening, I’ve been working on the Flower Fairy.  She’s all dressed up and has arms now!  She has a linen petticoat lined with a ruffle and a second petticoat of embroidered netting.  This is topped with her skirt of a silky gauze.  She was at this point 3 or so weeks ago when I went to the last CTADS meeting.  I attached arms that night and the next and there she sat until this weekend.  I got her bodice and corset constructed and embellished this weekend.  Now I have her sleeves to make, after which, I’ll need to give her a face!  Her head is already sculpted but I’m waiting to draw her face until I finish her costume.


Her skirt and corset have been hand-beaded.  The beading on the corset took me most of the afternoon.



I designed her bodice with flowers in mind.  I wanted the impression of flower petals and leaves opening up around her.


I really like the asymmetrical hemlines in the fashion magazines right now, which is what inspired her skirt.



Shrek and Fiona, Maybe


I spent the majority of my New Year’s day doing what I enjoy most – creating!  I finished up the gifts for my friend and co-worker Ken who’s birthday is Thursday.  He’s getting these tomorrow though.  They really aren’t Shrek and Fiona, but until he names them, those are the nick names I gave them.


I spent the morning after a late start due to a sleepless night because of fireworks in the neighborhood.  I am NOT a fan of the concussive sounding fireworks.  They reverberate off of the windows and when they go on until 2am, I’m a very unhappy camper.  So, good thing I didn’t need my brain to sew on Shrek’s sleeves.  Once I got caffeine and lunch, I figured out his hat.  The fabric I picked for his shirt wasn’t intended to look like camouflage, but that’s what it looks like in the photos.  That is SOOOO appropriate for Ken.  <giggle>.


After finishing Shrek’s hat, ,I made Fiona’s arms and then started her bloomers.  They took a while, as the body shapes on these dolls are challenging to fit.  Skinny legs and very chubby bodies.  On first construction, they were a little tight, but luckily, I could make them work!  Her jumper was easy-peasy, and then I just had to attach her arms and head and give her hair.


After taking photos of Shrek and Fiona together, I decided she needed a bow.  And now, they are complete and ready to give to Ken tomorrow!



Today is my brother’s birthday.  He came to Austin the day after Christmas, went to Houston with me for the Texas Tech bowl game and went home yesterday.  He texted me to let me know he was home at 11:40pm last night.  He’s 11 years and 1 week younger than I am, which means my birthday was a week ago! 


Andrew and I attended the Viva the Matadors tailgate.  I made up the banner from a VTMer’s avatar.  Andrew insisted on getting a picture of the two of us.


He’s an Aggie, in case you can’t tell from the “gig ‘em” sign.  At least he didn’t wear maroon!  Happy birthday!

I gave myself a couple of birthday presents, not including the trip to Houston.  The first was a new stove.  The second was a new patio!


The weather hasn’t been warm enough to put anything out on the patio yet.  I’m so eager for it to warm up!  Happy New Year everyone!

Cailleach, the Goddess of Winter

This evening, I completed two dolls!  Cailleach, the Goddess of Winter, joined her sisters, Sirona, Aine and Modron for a family portrait once she had her headdress and boots on. 


If you happen to make it to Houston for the Quilt Festival, they will be in attendance in the Celebration of the Doll exhibit.


Front – in all of her finery.


Her veil, wimple and crown.


I gave her a bit more makeup so she wouldn’t look washed out by all the red.  I’m very pleased with her, but will need to make another before I can write the instructions for her pattern.

I also finished the Searcher – really just her shoes and her cape were left to finish.  I’ll post pictures of her another night.