Some Clay and All Dolls Are Art

I’ve had fun this weekend working in my garden.  I flat wore myself out yesterday.  I got up early and mowed and picked beans and 2 cucumbers, got the yard watered in the back and the flower beds watered in the front.  I went to the farmers market where my favorite veggie booth had yellow squash and zucchini!  I also got my first beans of the season… had to get some since my bushes are only producing a small hand full every couple of days right now.  After the farmers market, I headed to Round Rock Market Days where I got myself a very nice present.  It won’t be unveiled for a couple of months though, because it has to wait for my back patio redo.

Anyway, today I slept late after a late night thunderstorm and rain into the early morning.  I have been toying with an idea, possibly for my table favor dolls for All Dolls Are Art 2012.  I finally tried it out this afternoon. 


Meet the snail!  I sculpted him out of paper clay this evening over tin foil. 


Isn’t this a great face? 


This is my butterfly I was working on and have set aside as I don’t know how I want to paint it yet.


I have also been playing with faces.  I want some flat faces I can mold, which I decided I was going to do with these today.  I read on Fran’s Blog how she molded a less than perfect face and used the mold to create another face which she added clay too and remolded.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my mold material.  I know I saw it in the last few days, but I’ve moved it and can’t remember where.  Oh well. 

ADAA is coming up soon! We still have plenty of space in classes.  If you are curious, you can visit our Facebook page or our website:

A Lot of Fabric, a Lot of Dye and Little Bits of Clay and Paint

Spring has visited Central Texas and looks to be on its way out the door already, but I’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful weather to dye a lot of fabric.  I have been busy, working on several projects all at once and have some pictures to post, but not of everything!

I dyed a whole BUNCH of fabric over the last week.  I think I did 25 or 30 yards of velvet and 12 yards of rayon.  The velvet is all posted in my Etsy shop and I’ve got links on my Facebook Fan Page so I won’t post pictures here.

I’ve started on my All Dolls are Art 2012 table favor doll prototype.  I don’t have a picture of it yet, because it’s just clay and wires at this point. I’m venturing into new territory courtesy of my Art Fest class with Michelle Allen and trying out paper clay.  I should have enough progress made later in the week to be able to post pictures!

I’ve also been working on Connie’s fabric book pages, but, alas, don’t have pics of that either yet!  Especially since I got home late from work and spent the rest of my evening posting listings on Etsy.

What I do have are the journal pages I’ve done recently.  It has been a good long while since I worked in my journal.  In fact, I had a drought all last fall, not doing anything in it until Christmas when I had my annual “art play date” with my niece and nephew.  Whenever they are here, I give everyone a break and “babysit” by pulling out my journal and my art supplies.  This year, both kids got water color supplies in their stockings, so we had plenty to go around!

After Christmas, I got sick almost as soon as I got back to work, and ventured into my journal about two weeks in to my 6 week bout with a cold.  This page is the result of my being sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Smile


Then I went to Art Fest, and took along my journal and supplies, but didn’t even crack a page open while I was gone.  Since I’ve been back, though, I’ve been playing in my journal when I got sick again (sigh), and been travelling for work, and just generally playing when I couldn’t put enough time together to work on my other projects.  Since it’s been so long since I played with acrylics, I’m a bit rusty, but am finding my way again.


I collaged some images I had laying around and played with paint colors I don’t normally use on this page.


This one has a gel medium transfer and I used a new stencil!  Love the dots!


I decided to start out with a black background on this one, and add color to it to see how that worked.  I was listening to Florence and the Machine’s new album, Ceremonials, while working on this.  Love the album, especially love “What the Water Gave Me”. 


This is free form drawing/painting without collage this time.  I’m not quite finished with this one or the next two.


This one is almost all collage at this point, with a layer or two of paint on top, plus some stencilling and doodling.  I went back to the color palette I used for Hey Daisy from 2010 (yep, still working in the same journal!).


This page is the opposite page to the one above.  More collage, outrageous juxtaposition of elements.  Lot of fun to do though!  And here, for reference, is my Hey Daisy page.


SAT13 Finished, Gypsy Challenge Started and a Bird Adventure

I’ve been racing from one deadline to another this summer.  The Friday before Labor Day was the latest deadline, the one to get Stretching Art and Tradition 13 in the mail to PNQE.  I barely finished my pieces and am not at all happy with the tree I did for my dirty little boy, but I had to finish it and let it go.  Here’s what it ended up looking like:


I didn’t get a better full length picture than this of my guy.  I’ll take more pictures at the show and when he gets home.  Here’s his face:


Barbara’s pattern is just fabulous.  I made up the ears on this guy cause his short hair made him look weird without them.  They are a bit too small, but are ok.  He’s playing hide and seek and the title of the piece is “Count to Ten”.

The other thing I had to finish was the quilt, which was titled “Visiting Nana” and features the handprints and approximations of art work from my niece and nephew.


This is the only finished picture I grabbed of this piece too.  The four blocks are gelatin prints (fun! fun!).  The fish and flowers are stenciled with Pebeo heat activated dimensional paint, then over painted with acrylics.  The hands and circles were fused, then beaded like crazy.  The board fabric is fabric I hand-dyed when I dyed some velvet for my friend epb in thanks for the heads she sent me.

My next deadline is the Gypsy Challenge and Celebration of the Doll exhibit in Houston.  I have the doll body, minus arms, constructed for Celebration and just need to clothe her.  I needed to get the doll body done for the challenge though.  I spent this weekend doing that and got bloomers on her.  I haven’t made her head yet though.  I have several heads done, but none in the same fabric as that I used for her body.  sigh.  I am currently working on her petticoat.  I played with boning to make it stand out.  The theme this year is Renaissance Gypsy, which I’m using as an excuse to make a fantastic costume in the general vein of the Elizabethan era.  After I finish sewing down the ruffle, I’m going to add another layer of boning about 1/3 the way up the petticoat from the hem and then am going to give her a hip-roll to make her skirt stand out.



More pictures soon!

The last thing I’ve been playing with since this Labor Day weekend has been a paper clay bird.  I’ve had birds on the brain for a couple of reasons.  First of all, one of the classes at ADAA 2011 was a bird class, Lisa Renner’s Bird Peeps.  I’d love to be able to take the class some day.  The other reason is that, with the severe drought we’ve been experiencing here in Texas, water is something in very short supply as is vegetation that normally serves as shelter and food for the local bird population.  I’ve been filling my bird baths and feeders every couple of days and the birds still look stressed – losing feathers, etc.  I had a new bird visit my feeders that I’ve never seen before, a Downy Woodpecker.  So, lots of bird things to keep the idea of birds foremost in my mind.  So, I got in the studio this weekend and made a rough tinfoil base for my bird, covered in in masking tape and then stone clay, which I’ve not really played with much.  I made some marks in it while it was still wet, but didn’t worry about it too much.  Lisa’s class uses polymer clay and alcohol inks.  I tried the alcohol inks first, but the stone clay just absorbed them and they looked pretty dull.  So I switched to fluid acrylics and started layering them on, using turquoise and blue pthalo, bone black and diazinine purple.  I added a bit of sparkle with micaceous (SP?) iron oxide and iridescent pearl and white.  I quite like the result, but it is hard to see at night, so will take more pictures in daylight later in the week.


The downy woodpecker.


One of the local whitewings, missing feathers.


Clay bird, blue.


picture 2.


Picture 3


Picture 4.  I much prefer the gloss of the fluid acrylics, but it makes it hard to take pictures.