Kate’s Party Doll 2 and Corazon I now on Etsy!


I finished the second Kate’s Party Doll, this one is going to my mom.  She had a couple of refinements that make her easier to construct, so she would have gone together faster, if not for the pattern writing that was interspersed with the doll making!  I got the doll and the pattern finished as well as completing the pattern for Corazon I, so they are both now on Etsy.




Speaking of Etsy, I received an email earlier this week letting me know that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and that Mercadriel had been featured in an Etsy Treasury.  I have grand plans to get a couple more dragons done this year.  We’ll see! 

Next up for me is a body for a head.  Smile  I am making bodies for the heads that elinor gifted me.  The completed pieces will go to a friend and co-worker who instantly claimed the heads as his own. 

A New Year, A New Pattern, or Two


My time off is almost at an end as the New Year begins.  It’s a bittersweet moment.  I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked, but spent time with my family, and enjoyed every minute of it.


I spent this last weekend working hard on website updates and patterns.  I finally finished Modron’s pattern and got it posted to Etsy.  The Goddess of Fall was actually completed soon after Christmas, but I didn’t get back to her pattern until Thursday.  She’s such a lovely doll.  I am very happy with the way she turned out.

I also started another Kate’s Party  Doll, this one for my mother, who was as enchanted with the first one as I was.  I’m doing the pattern for this one as I go along.  It’s a fast doll to put together, as I said in the midst of the last one.  I would have finished it today, if I hadn’t been writing instructions at the same time.



Actually, I would have finished her, if I’d not spent most of the morning finishing the updates to my website that I planned to get done.  I have Modron up, as well as Alvan, the Gypsy Queen, Count to Ten, the Nutcracker, and Kate’s Party Doll.  I did not get the Monkey commission’s page up yet, nor my quilt from Stretching Art and Tradition this year.  Actually, I think I’m a couple of years behind there.  Anyway, it was a busy weekend, but now I have to go back to work at my day job and back to part time on my artistic endeavors.  The cats are going to be disappointed that I’m not at their beck and call all day! 


Technical Difficulties

I got bit by the fat finger virus yesterday and so didn’t get the posts done that I had planned.  I spent last night and this evening recovering from my error, so this will be just a quick post to say that I am still alive, in the digital sense and more updates will be coming soon.

The All Dolls Are Art Conference opens six months from today.  If you want to know what this fun event entails – head to the website and check us out!  Over the next few weeks I’ll be profiling the conference teachers here on my blog which should be fun and fascinating!

I successfully updated Etsy before my user-error-moment yesterday.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my dolls or my patterns, my Etsy Shop is restocked.  I have the Sirona patterns up there now too.  I’m working on the pattern for the next Goddess – the Goddess of Summer (whose name hasn’t been determined yet) and should have that up before Summer!  Pictures of her will be forthcoming in the next few days.  I’ve got the body and bust overlay done, need to rework the leg pattern a bit and sculpt the head.  I haven’t worked on the arms or costume yet (although I know what I want to do – mostly).

Last – and this is where last night really hurts the most – I’ve been working for three weeks on updates to AnLiNa Designs, which I lost all of last night.  I won’t go into details here, but I hope to have recreated the work I lost before 3 more weeks go by.  I managed not to lose all of the photo-editing, just the last stage of it – which I recreated this evening, so I just need to do the programming again.  Luckily, that doesn’t take nearly as long as editing the backgrounds of the photos! 

The Goddess of Spring has arrived!

I finished Sirona today.  She is extremely pleased with her new friends and her hat.

I got really lucky, as my friend, Nina, had some paper and fabric flowers the perfect color for Sirona’s hat.  If you want to find the flowers yourself, you can look for the Boutique Fleur collection in the scrapbook section at Michael’s.  They are on sale this week!






And now, I am about to make another of her.  This one will be Gypsy Pamela’s pattern sample and the doll on which I test my written instructions and introduce some variations.

Angels and Goddesses


I hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a wonderful Christmas.  It was cold and windy here after our first rainfall in a long time.  I have not accomplished nearly what I intended for my time off.  I spent some time cleaning and organizing the studio.  Above is the antique wash stand I got, with my growing collection of antique spools and spindles full of ribbons and trims.


I actually finished this angel (Arley Berryhill’s “Harold” pattern) up a couple of weeks before Christmas, but since it was a present for my SIL, I couldn’t post pictures.   I worked on this over Thanksgiving and my nephew, Colin helped me with it. He sewed the gathering stitches for the sleeves.


Even though I really hate working with pink, this angel turned out very nicely.


I am also working on a new pattern.  The doll is called Sirona, which is a Celtic goddess of spring.  I got her body put together this last weekend.


Her face has been sculpted, but not drawn or colored yet.  I’m waiting until I get her costume finished so I can match colors. 


This doll idea started with a piece of lace, which isn’t where I normally get ideas for dolls.  It’s the piece hanging off the side of the basket on the right.  My friend, Fran, dyed it and I just love it!  I started pulling fabric from my closet to match to it.  The basket is what I arrived at for her costume.


I got her bloomers done night before last and her skirt started yesterday and the beading finished up this afternoon.


I made panniers for her.  She’s going to be a very elegant goddess.


And I finished up the evening, by starting her bodice.


More to come tomorrow!