Busy, Busy, Busy, But Creative

In short bursts, I’ve managed to eke out some creative work in the time since I last posted.  I have completed a doll for the Stretching Art and Tradition challenge, almost finished a Catrina from my Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors Retreat, and started on my Houston Dolls.  Plus I finally got the Kerfluffle entry done in the Words Art Journal Round Robin.  So – lots of pictures this post!

First – She Wears Many Hats


For the complete details on this piece, visit Stretching Art and Tradition 15: Hi! It’s Me!.


Next, my Catrina – in polymer clay!  I never work in polymer clay because I can never figure it out!  Major props to Yoanna B who developed and lead this project in the CTADS retreat, because I actually managed to sculpt something in polymer clay!  Her costume isn’t done yet.




And last, but certainly not least – the Words Journal Round Robin.  First, the work by this journal’s creator, Donna.




Next – the first word “Imagine”, artist unknown because she didn’t sign her work.



Next:  Peggy W with Believe



Next – Debbie G with “Moon”



And the moon opens up to reveal this:


Next Suzanne, from MT, with “Wings”


I love seeing what Suzanne comes up with, as she always has something interactive to play with!



Now, for my entry: Kerfluffle.  This word gave me quite a bit of trouble.  After much thinking about it (I’m only 3 months late mailing), I arrived at this:




I first drew the large Kerfluffle letters on the page in pencil.  Then I started lettering with Fine, Extra Small, and Brush Pitt Pens around the page.  The goal was to create a blanket of letters in different styles and hands, without actually doing calligraphy.  I will be mailing it off to Mary Monday!

Dyeing Fabric for “Visiting Nana”

As a true procrastinator, I am often at work at the last minute on art projects.  The latest last minute projects are my entries for the Stretching Art and Tradition 13 challenge, Games Children Play.  I have to have them completed by the end of the month and I started this morning on one of them.  Smile  I didn’t have exactly the fabric I wanted, so I got up this morning and dyed some.  I used 4 colors: golden yellow, strong orange, raspberry, and basic red.  I did 2 yards of Pima and 2 yards of velvet, mostly because I needed a yard for elinor as a present, in return for the present I received a week ago Friday.  The fabric turned out gorgeous!  So much so, that I was loath to cut into it. 

My quilt is titled Visiting Nana and is inspired largely by the sessions I’ve had with my niece and nephew when they come to visit my parents.  We sit in my mom’s craft room and color, draw, scribble and water color in my journal.  I have several pages of my niece’s scribbling with colored pencils, my nephew playing with my water color crayons and Nijii brushes, and tracings of our hands.  I have my nephew’s hand when I visited the year my niece was born.  I have both of their hands and my hand from last summer.  So, that’s where this quilt will go, although it’s not there yet.

After dyeing the fabric, I pulled out some fabric from the pile that I intend to over dye and, using a gelatin plate I made last night, I mono printed on the fabric.  I made stencils from the hand prints and used various tools to mark up the plate.  I ended up with 3 pieces I love, and one piece that is perfect as a background for other things.

I managed to get the four blocks sashed and then put together with borders of the dyed Pima into a top.  So, here’re the pictures:


This is the block made with Colin’s hand prints.  I have several layers in different colors, finished off with the white.


This is Kate’s block, with her two little hand inside the frame plus flowers.


And here’s the quilt top.  The sashing is fabric I bought at my LQS.  The borders (interior as well as exterior) are my dyed fabric from this morning.


These are the presents I mentioned.  The 2 heads are from elinor peace bailey, made from some of my hand-dyed fabric that I did for ADAA.  I got them in the mail on Friday before last and they made my day!  Aren’t they just fabulous?  The little doll in the middle is a present from my friend and fellow CTADS member, Joyce.  She’s my Halloween witch!


Here’s a close up of the more masculine head.


And the more feminine one.


And last – the spider web on the back of the witch.  It’s perfect!  This little Halloween angel is made from polymer clay and is a one-of-a-kind creation that I just adore!  Don’t you just love presents?