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Alvan, Valkyrie I, 2012

Alvan is the first in a new series, the Valkyries. She is a warrior of the blade, having mastered both the sword and knife. She is fierce and strong, capable of defeating the boldest of human warriors.

Alva was displayed in the Celebration of the Doll exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in 2011.

Alvan is a one of a kind, 17 1/2" tall soft-sculptured, wire-armature, cloth doll, made with cotton, clothed in silk dupioni and brocade, rayon satin, pleather, and tulle, beaded with sead beads and trimmed wtih metallic braids and trims. She has a knife and sword made from wood and polymer clay.

Available for purchase on Etsy.

Alvan, Valkyrie I