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Sirona 1, Goddess of Spring, © 2011

Sirona, Goddess of Spring, is the first in a new series of dolls loosely inspired by the seasons. She is young, attractive, and attired in the flora and fauna of spring. The inspiration for Sirona came about in an unusual way for me. The idea of her started with the lace and brocade fabric used for her corset.

Sirona is a soft-sculptured, self-supporting, wire-armature doll constructed from cotton, clothed in silks, rayons, velvets and chiffons, with extensive hand-beading, lace, metallica and beaded trim and is holding fabric and paper bird and butterfly.

Sirona is an original, one of a kind, 14" doll.

Patterns to make your very own Sirona are available on Etsy.

Sirona 1, Goddess of Spring